How to watch Apple’s October 27 event on any Apple, Windows and Android device

Apple is scheduled to release a new range of iMacs, MacBook Pro and Apple TV set-top box at the “Hello Again” launch event on October 27 at 10 AM PDT. The event will be held at the campus in Cupertino, California. There are reports that the tech giant will announce the new products in the form of a press meet and not as a full blown launch event.

As usual, the entry is restricted to staff members and journalists. However, you can watch the event live anywhere in the world using any one of the following ways.

On Apple Devices

You will be able to watch the live event if you have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch loaded with iOS 7.0 or later. The experience will be great if you have the recently released iOS 10. You can view the event by navigating to using Safari browser.

In the case of Macs, you need to watch the launch event using Safari 6.0.5 or newer running OS X 10.8.5 or later. You can also watch the event using the second, third and fourth-generation Apple TV with the integrated Apple Events App.

On Windows

You can watch the live event on your Windows 10 laptop. You just open Microsoft Edge browser and navigate to It is not possible to watch the live event using Firefox and Google Chrome.

On Android

Apple is not providing any facility for the Android users to watch the live event. With a plethora of Android, smartphones and tablets on the land, users are still unable to watch Apple launch events as and when they happen.

The main reason for the exclusion of Android is due to the difficulty in the integration of exclusive Apple technology named HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which is used to live steam Apple launch events. Even though this technology is fully compatible with iOS and Microsoft Edge, Android still doesn’t provide support for the streaming definition.

That being said, Apple will upload the whole launch event video on YouTube shortly after the conclusion of the show. Hence, users will be able to watch the video on any Android gadget. If you have access to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Windows, navigate to to watch the launch event on October 27 at 10AM PDT.


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