Apex Legends Faces Challenges with Cheating and Hacking

Apex Legends Faces Challenges with Cheating and Hacking
Apex Legends continues to fight against cheating with Easy Anti-Cheat and new measures exposing hackers, amid concerns over streamer account hijackings.

In the competitive world of online gaming, Apex Legends has encountered its fair share of challenges with cheaters and hackers disrupting the gameplay experience. Despite efforts from Respawn Entertainment to maintain a fair playing field through the use of Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), the game has seen streamers’ accounts hijacked live, stirring up concerns within the gaming community.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of New Anti-Cheat Features: A recent update unveiled a feature that exposes hackers to the entire lobby, allowing players to see when someone has been removed for cheating​​.
  • Streamer Bans: High-profile cases have emerged, including streamers openly broadcasting their use of cheats on Twitch, leading to bans from the game​​.
  • Challenges in Detecting Cheats: Advanced cheats that mimic natural gameplay patterns, like aimbots that occasionally miss shots, make it difficult for anti-cheat systems to detect unauthorized software​​.
  • Community Calls for Stronger Measures: The player community has advocated for kernel-level anti-cheat solutions, similar to those used by Valorant, which could provide a more robust defense against cheaters​​.

The Hacking Incident and Its Implications

During the North American finals of the ALGS, multiple streamers experienced in-game hacks that compromised their accounts. These intrusions significantly disrupted the tournament and raised questions about Apex Legends’ overall security and competitive integrity. The attacks prompted widespread concerns among players, as the incident showed that even high-profile accounts were not safe from malicious attacks.

What is Remote Code Execution (RCE)?

In the aftermath of the incident, a volunteer cybersecurity organization known as the Anti-Cheat Police Department suggested the attacks were made possible due to a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability. RCE exploits allow hackers to remotely run malicious code on a target computer, potentially granting them full control of the system.

Addressing the Concerns

The incidents of live hijacking of streamer accounts and the visibility of hacking in Apex Legends have raised questions about the effectiveness of EAC. Despite this, EAC and Respawn Entertainment have been proactive in their efforts to combat cheating:

  • Continuous Improvement of Anti-Cheat Measures: While EAC is a widely respected tool in the industry, Respawn continues to work on enhancing its capabilities to better detect and prevent cheating​​.
  • Direct Actions Against Cheaters: The development team has not only implemented features to publicly identify cheaters but has also taken steps to ban those who exploit the game, including notable cases involving streamers​​.
  • Engagement with Community Feedback: The calls for more effective anti-cheat measures, such as kernel-level anti-cheat systems, reflect Respawn’s openness to community feedback and its commitment to improving the gaming experience​​.

The issue of cheating in Apex Legends highlights the ongoing battle between game developers and those looking to exploit games for unfair advantages. While no anti-cheat system is perfect, the efforts by Respawn and EAC show a continued commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game. With advancements in anti-cheat technology and ongoing vigilance, there’s hope for a more secure and fair gaming environment for all players.


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