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Airtel launches new Xstream Fiber 1 Gbps Wi-Fi data-plan for home and small office usage

Airtel today announced the launch of its new Xstream Fiber hyper-fast Wi-Fi internet service that the company said will prevent users from being tied to a wired LAN connection. The new high-speed Wi-Fi connection will provide data speeds of 1 Gbps with no limits on data usage.

The connection will comprise of a Wi-Fi router capable of supporting 1 Gbps data speeds with the Rs. 3,999 data plan, besides also offering unlimited data and huge bundled content. The router will be able to support stable and consistent internet coverage over an area that makes it ideal for usage at home or small offices.

This makes the above service extremely versatile as it can suffice the needs of both home and office usage. The service can be perfect for entertainment purposes such as streaming movies or playing online games. Similarly, the service can be equally effective for work-from-home or study-from-home requirements as well.

Small offices too can benefit from the above plan as it will support the operation of several terminals. Applications used can be varied, like online stock trading or audio/ video editing, and so on. Users will also be able to go for real-time online collaboration with others via video chats for enhanced productivity. All of this requires a reliable high-speed internet connection, which is what Airtel is promising with the 1 Gbps plan over Wi-Fi.

The Airtel Xstream Box too is included in the plan that provides access to 550 TV channels as well as a host of OTT apps from the Airtel Xstream app library. Those include the likes of Amazon Prime and Zee5, all of which together with the Studios includes over 10,000 movies and shows.

All of this makes the new Airtel Xstream Fiber 1 Gbps Wi-Fi data plan an ideal choice for both home and office usage.