Acer is one of the leading PC brands and it is No. 3 in projector brands in the world. In a bid to enter the home entertainment market Acer introduced the Acer A1500 projector for home entertainment. Keeping the home entertainment and design in mind, the Acer A1500 has been designed in a way that compliments your interior design. The new A1500 home entertainment projector provides brilliant color consistency with its sRGB mode and Rec. 709 Video Standard.

The A1500 projector is a fully HD projector; it comes with an sRGB mode which provides the best video experience. With a brightness of 3000 AL and a contrast ratio of 2000:1, this projector is one of the best in the market.


The projector has a sleek design and a curved front, a dynamic design that fits perfectly in your home. Its detachable top cover gives it better flexibility for installing dongles and it helps in hiding the cables, which adds to its clean aesthetic looks with a unique texture that advances the elegance of the projector.


The Acer A1500 projector is equipped with a LumiSense+ light sensor; it can intelligently detect light conditions and automatically optimizes brightness levels and color saturation according to the lighting conditions.

What makes the Acer A1500 projector the best in the home entertainment is that it analyses the projected video frame by frame and dynamically adjusts the image visibility to optimum levels.

Wireless Projection

The A1500 projector provides you with the option to wirelessly project using a wireless dongle to stream content from your phone, laptop, tablet or even your DVD player.

Price and availability

The new Acer A1500 is priced at Rs. 82,000 and is available at all the key retailers in the country.