ZunRoof Zunpure Smart RO Water Purifier, Zunpulse smart bulb, smart AC remote and smart doorbell Review

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Indian audiences are slowly moving towards smarter homes. A trend that was started off with smart speakers has quickly evolved into a segment where homegrown brands are jumping in. One such brand is ZunRoof.

ZunRoof is a start-up based out of Northern India and has some ambitious plans. They are on a mission to power half a million Indian Homes with IoT. For starters, they have some really nifty everyday use smart products including a Water Purifier, smart bulb, smart doorbell, and a smart AC remote.

We have tried all the four above-mentioned products for close to two weeks now, and here’s our review.

ZunPure smart RO water purifier

Given how the water table has been quickly going down in most metros in India, there is a need for good RO systems. This is where ZunPure comes into the picture. This is a smart RO, designed with a 6-stage filtration process that comes with various purposes to solve in one place. The design of the purifier follows a standard template. There is a tank to hold the filtered water and a tap to dispense it on the front. The rest of the stuff is neatly packed in the plastic body of the purifier.

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It is available in the market in only a single shade and would most households easily. The includes Pre-Filtration, Sediment Filtration, Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Filtration, Polymer Ultrafiltration as well as UV Tank Filtration. It’s a smart RO and this is where the IoT aspect of this kicks in, the RO has a feature to monitor TDS in real-time through zunpulse app, which is available on both Apple and Google Play Stores. This is a handy feature that all the smart RO’s currently in the market provide.

The setup process for the RO is simple, post the installation that is done by a trained technician, you just need to download the companion app on your phone and pair the smart RO. Through the app, you get access to daily, monthly, and yearly water usage along with the live TDS reading. The app also reminds you if the RO filters need replacement which is a nifty feature.

During our limited use, we found the ZunPure smart RO to be extremely power efficient and the water wastage during filtration was also quite minimum. This definitely gets our recommendation, coming to the pricing, this is where things get interesting. ZunPure smart RO water purifier can be acquired via two methods, through the official website on a subscription basis starting from INR 399/month and buying at INR 15,000 through e-stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

ZunPulse Smart Bulb

The ZunPulse Smart Bulb comes with a rather simple design that is not so premium but feels quite durable. It is available in just a single shade, that is white. The bulb is made up of good quality materials, though the base is plastic like other smart bulbs, the quality is rather decent. The same can be said for the filament as well. The bulb comes with an E27 and B22 base, with the former not really that widely available in our markets. If you are planning to use this in normal Indian households better get the B22 version.

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Setting up the bulb is quite easy; you just need to download the zunpulse app on your phone from Google Play Store/ App Store. Go through the account creation process and select the smart bulb and follow the pairing instructions. The zunpulse Smart Bulb supports multi-coloured modes besides typical white and yellow colours. The 10W bulb offers a maximum brightness of 800 Lumens and supports 16 million colours.

The bulb is bright and is ideal for smaller to medium-sized rooms. There are 8 presents within the app depending on the mood and occasion, plus you get to add more as per your liking. Since this is a smart bulb, you get the ability to create routines like what intensity and light colour you need during the night versus when you wake up. It is much more convenient to control the bulb using Google Assistant and Alexa. Just connect the bulb with either of the two virtual assistants, and you’re good to go.

The bulb is available across all the major eCommerce platforms in the country for INR 999, which might be a little high when looking at the competition which mostly lies between INR 600-800.

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ZunPulse Smart AC Remote

The ZunPulse smart AC remote is mainly aimed at people with ACs. This is a small puck-sized product that transforms your old dumb AC into a modern smart AC. Like with all the ZunRoof smart products, you need to download the ZunPulse app on your phone from Google Play Store/ App Store. Go through the account creation process and select the smart AC remote to complete the setup.

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On the first successful boot, you need to add the presets and model number of your AC which should get the job done. For the smart AC remote to work, you need a constant power supply source. The puck-sized AC remote has an IR transmitter on the front which is used to mimic the actions of your AC remote. Since this is a smart AC remote, you can connect and control multiple ACs from just your phone.

Priced at INR 1,999 and available across all the major eCommerce platforms in the country, this is a must-buy product for users who lose the supplied AC remotes quite easily or need a clutter-free life.

ZunPulse Smart Doorbell

As the name suggests, this is a smart doorbell for households of all sizes. Smart doorbells are becoming a value proposition due to the number of features and security they bring to the table. The ZunPulse smart doorbell comes in at a sticker price of INR 5,990 which is in line with other products in this category.

DSC05175 resultThe doorbell comes in two shades and has a full plastic enclosure. The build like other ZunRoof products is top-notch. The feature list for this doorbell includes a 720p camera, two-way communication, Night vision, chimes, mobile notifications just to name a few.

The installation and setup for this need a trained technician since the doorbell needs a fixed power source. Post the installation, the setup process is quite easy. You need to download the ZunPulse app on your phone from Google Play Store/ App Store. Go through the account creation process and select the smart doorbell to complete the setup.

Coming to the performance, during our limited use, we found the smart doorbell to be extremely efficient. The Night vision worked quite well; the bell sent us to push notifications for each button press along with the live feed via the camera. The two-way communication feature is handy but the output via both the mic and speaker is a bit low. That being said, the rest of the features worked as advertised.

Verdict- Should you buy these products?

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The answer to this question will be yes, out of the four ZunRoof products we tested out, all of them stood firm and passed through flying colours. The smart RO is a must-buy for people especially those living in the metros, the smart AC remote is a need basis niche product that will find some audiences for it.

The smart bulb though priced a bit higher compared to the competition is a must-have accessory in your home to spice up the Décor. And lastly, the smart doorbell is an extremely useful product if your privacy and security are paramount to you.