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Zhiyun launches Smooth Q3 and Weebill 2 gimbals in India

Zhiyun, a prominent name in the gimbal segment announced the launch of two new gimbals in India, the Smooth Q3 and the Weebill 2. Here is a brief introduction to both.

Smooth Q3

The Smooth Q3 comes across as a three-axis gimbal having compact proportions. It is unique in that it comes with a rotatable fill light and 17 smart templates. There is a 4,300k warm-toned integrated fill light that offers three levels of brightness control. Plus, there is touch button control for 180-degree front and rear lighting. This way, the Smooth Q3 gimbal can be helpful while shooting in regions with deficient external lighting conditions.

The Smooth Q3 is also accompanied by a dedicated ZY Cami app that allows for innovative ways to create videos. The app also comes with SMART templates as well as an advanced editor for quick editing jobs. The gimbal has a max battery time of 15 hours and requires 3 hours to achieve a full charge.

Other features the gimbal boasts of include gesture control, Smart Follow 3.0 Object Tracking, an instant Dolly Zoom. Then there is the Magic Clone Panorama feature as well that can be operated via a single-press trigger button. The button allows for marking the target and activation of a smart following.

It comes with a simple design and a lightweight build – weighing just 340 grams – that makes it easy to hold and operate. It is even lighter than its predecessor, the Smooth Q2 while still be able to support a higher payload of 280 grams. That should be enough given most smartphones weigh less than that. It can support both iPhones and Android smartphones.


The Smooth Q3 is priced at Rs. 9,000.

Weebill 2

The new Weebill 2 is the latest version of the Weebill DSLR gimbal and takes creativity and professionalism to a new level. The Weebill 2 is also unique in it being the first to come with its own 2.88 inches, full-color, flip-out HD touchscreen which offers integrated full camera controls.

Apart from these, the Weebill 2 also offers advanced smart controls such as one-touch Smart Follow and Timelapse, and Gesture Control all of which can be reached via the gimbal’s touchscreen itself and hence does not require turning to the ZY Play app for the same. The Weebill 2 is compatible with almost all mirrorless and DSLR cameras currently in vogue.

The Weebill 2 is a bit heavier though, weighing in at 1.47 kilos. It has a max battery rating of 9 hours and can be fully charged in just 1.6 hours.


The Weebill 2 is priced at Rs. 49,000.


Both the Smooth Q3 and Weebill 2 gimbals can be purchased from Flipkart and Amazon along with leading offline camera and CE stores across India. The company would also provide free 30-mins of training with the purchase of any of the gimbal.

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