YouTuber MKBHD Criticizes VinFast VF8 for Similarities to Fisker Ocean

Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee, known as MKBHD, has expressed disappointment with the VinFast VF8 electric SUV by Vietnamese manufacturer VinFast Auto, citing its striking resemblance to the Fisker Ocean. In a recent review, Brownlee highlights the “shocking amount of similarities” between the two vehicles and questions VinFast’s originality.

Despite these similarities, he pointed out several cost-cutting measures in the VF8, like lower-quality vegan leather and a less impressive center screen. Brownlee criticized the car’s driving dynamics, annoying driver aids, and outdated reverse camera. While he slightly favored the VF8 over the Fisker Ocean, he still found it lacking compared to other SUVs in its price range, such as the Ioniq 5, Mustang Mach-E, and Model Y.

Brownlee, who boasts millions of subscribers, conducted an in-depth review of the VinFast VF8. While acknowledging its potential as a solid electric vehicle, he emphasizes the numerous design elements that appear heavily inspired – if not directly copied – from the Fisker Ocean. These include the overall silhouette, lighting design, interior features, and even the user interface.

The VF8 is the first electric SUV from VinFast, a Vietnamese automaker rapidly expanding into global markets. Fisker Inc., a California-based EV company, collaborated with Magna Steyr in Austria to develop the Ocean. Some industry observers speculate that a shared design origin or manufacturing relationship may explain the similarities between the two electric SUVs.

Despite his criticism, Brownlee does clarify that “it’s different,” suggesting the VinFast VF8 isn’t a complete carbon copy. He notes some positive attributes, such as its competitive pricing and potentially better handling than the Fisker Ocean. However, the lack of unique identity remains a glaring issue.

The VinFast VF8’s resemblance to the Fisker Ocean fuels ongoing discussions about design inspiration vs. imitation in the automotive industry, especially within the competitive EV sector. MKBHD’s influential review is likely to spark further debate and scrutiny for VinFast as it attempts to establish a foothold in Western markets.

For viewers interested in the detailed nuances of MKBHD’s review and his comprehensive take on the VinFast VF8, visiting his YouTube channel for the full video would provide the most thorough understanding of his perspectives and findings​​.

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