Xolo Q1000 Xolo Q1000

Xolo Q100 Opus smartphone with Broadcom chip coming soon to enhance the multimedia experience

Xolo’s new offering, the Xolo Q1000 Opus smartphone will now use Broadcom Corporation’s latest chipset, the BCM23550 (JAVA). This was confirmed after the premium smart devices brand of Lava mobiles, Xolo announced its tie-up with the chipmaker Broadcom Corporation. The company also revealed that its latest smartphone will hit the shelves by the end of this month.

According to a release, Xolo’s new smartphone leverages Broadcom’s BCM4334 connectivity combo chip and BCM4752 multi-constellation GNSS location chip in order “to deliver a high performance and feature-rich experience at an attractive price”. Better performance will also be seen in terms of faster Wi-Fi streaming, simultaneously sharing as well as projecting HD video, photos, and gaming applications to a larger screen via Miracast. The business head at Xolo, Sunil Raina claimed that the Xolo Q1000 Opus shall deliver sophisticated multimedia experience and better search location technology on a five-inch display screen, at an attractive price.


The Xolo Q1000 Opus smartphone will be driven by 1.2 GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor. Besides, as Sunil Raina had said, the smartphone feature VideoCore multimedia support, GPS/GLONASS, WLAN, MEMs and Cell ID for the best indoor/outdoor location.

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