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Xiaomi Uniblade: The Perfect Accessory to Elevate Everyday Grooming

From our five years of experience serving the personal grooming category, we have learned from our conversations that consumers seek a product that blends versatility with mobility and fits into their on-the-go lifestyle. In the absence of such a hassle-free option, most men prefer to keep conventional looks for their everyday life and rely on visits to the salon to add style to their looks.

However, that’s about to change! The new Xiaomi Uniblade is the perfect grooming accessory for every day and every special occasion. The new grooming tool is versatile, easy to use, and comes with a stylish electric shaver – making it a one-stop shop for all men who love to sport a different look every time. What makes it even better is its sleek design that’s ergonomic as well and adds a dash of style to the grooming routine, thus becoming man’s best friend when on the go. This innovative grooming tool is crafted to trim, edge, and shave hair of any length, catering to a range of grooming needs of men. This adaptability makes it men’s go to tool when it comes to personal care. It offers convenience to maintain different styles – from a clean shave to a well-groomed stubble or a neatly trimmed beard.

Designed for effortless maneuverability, the Uniblade can shave even in hard-to-reach areas. The new shaving tool sports a cutting-edge three way blade that ensures an impeccably smooth shave. The dual-edge blade tackles longer hair, while the central foil eliminates any remaining stubble. This three-way blade manages varying lengths and thickness, even handling bent or flat-lying hair delivering an effortless shaving experience and leaving the skin smooth. The blade is made of high-carbon steel, ensuring its durability and sharpness for an impeccable shaving experience.

The Xiaomi UniBlade’s flexible trimmer head can pivot at a 40° angle, adapting to the different facial contours, ensuring a close shave without causing any irritation or discomfort. It’s your ideal shower companion with an IPX7 rating for both dry and wet use, and its water-resistant feature, combined with compatibility with shaving cream, eliminates the need for disposable blades. This sustainable approach saves time for the users and reduces waste, thus contributing to a more environmentally conscious grooming routine. No need for multiple attachments – the UniBlade simplifies your grooming arsenal with its rotary dial, offering 14-length settings.

With just a 90 minute charge via a Type C cable, the Xiaomi Uniblade cordless trimmer offers a full hour of continuous use, meeting all your grooming needs in one go.

Xiaomi Uniblade comes with a one-year warranty and will be available on Mi.com, Amazon, Flipkart, and other retail stores at an attractive price of INR 1,499.