Xiaomi is known for copying designs and patented technologies of leading tech giants including Samsung and Apple and is also alleged several patent disputes in the courts of law. To an extent Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun dresses jeans and a black top like late Steve Jobs, an innovator and Apple founder.

Jun believes that Samsung and Apple are also involved in legal battles, and it will take more time for Xiaomi to secure its patents, considering it in the business for just three years.

Former in-charge of the Android smartphone at Google and currently Xiaomi vice president Hugo Barra challenges that it will be difficult to find even a single product in the industry that offer unique design language.

More recently, Xiaomi made the preview of its new smartphone available to tech fans. The phone looks like Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge with a curved screen on both edges.

Samsung launched its Galaxy Note Edge in September with a curved edge on a single side that features speed dialer, news and weather tickers.

Earlier this month, the world’s leading telecom equipment maker Ericsson also accused Xiaomi of violating eight of its 3G related patents.

Following the allegations, sales of certain Xiaomi devices were banned in India, few of which have now secured permission for sales resume under certain conditions.

Xiaomi copied the iPhone for its first smartphone launched in August 2011. However, given its focus on cost-efficiency, the Chinese phone maker launched it at half the price of Apple device.

In August 2014, Xiaomi released the MIUI 6 operating system, leading to accusations for its resemblance with the iOS 7. Xiaomi has also been alleged of infringing patented technologies of local rivals like ZTE and Huawei.

However, the copycat model, saving on R&D investments and cost-efficiency, has helped Xiaomi to score three positions among the global smartphone maker, just after Samsung and Apple.

However, 95% of its sales come from China and experts believe that it cannot get government protection outside China and hence it could not overtake Samsung and Apple in the long run.

Image source: YouTube