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Xiaomi launches new range of smart devices including a soap dispenser, smart speaker and wearables in India

Xiaomi has a slew of new smart devices to offer Indian buyers in the run up to the festival season. And those are as diverse and unconventional as an automatic soap dispenser to the more common smartwatch, a fitness tracker, smart bulb, a smart speaker, and the smart running shoes. Xiaomi is offering these at a special price owing to the festivities ahead but said prices are going to increase once the celebrations are over.

Mi Watch Revolve

To begin with the smartwatch, the Mi Watch Revolve comes with a round watchface and shares a lot of similarity with the Amazfit GTR. The Revolve has a battery life of about a week and comes with a 1.39-inch OLED panel on the top. The Revolve is set to go on sale in India starting October 6 with a starting price of Rs. 9,999. Post Diwali, prices will increase to Rs. 10,999.

Mi Smart Band 5 

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The new Smart Band 5 comes with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect out of a new generation fitness band. Battery life is also quite commendable 2 weeks on a single charge. A 1.1-inch OLED panel makes up the display area on top. The wearable is also water resistant to up to a max depth of 50 meters. Sale starts October 1 with a sticker price of Rs. 2,499.

Mi Smart Speaker

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Xiaomi is claiming they have worked hard on the audio aspect of the speaker and is claiming a truly mesmerizing sound output. The speaker is rated at 12 W and comes with a 6.35 cm driver and offers high quality stereo sound output. For its smart attribute, there is the Google Assistant that would be taking care of user’s whims and fancies.

The Smart Speaker will go on sale starting October 1 and is priced Rs. 3,499.

Mi Smart LED Bulb

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The smart bulb comes with a B22 fitting, which means it can be easily fitted on to the existing setup without requiring any additional fitments. The bulb can be operated via the Mi Home app installed on compatible smartphones. The price is quite attractive at Rs. 499.

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

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The Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser is designed to store 300 ml of liquid soap. Xiaomi is claiming the device can dispense the requisite quantity of soap in just a quarter of a second and can detect the hand automatically to offer hands-free operation. The soap dispenser can be bought for just Rs. 999.

Mi Athleisure Shoes 

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Xiaomi is claiming it to be the perfect workout companion given the level of feedback it can provide with respect to the user’s movements. The EVA sole offers a soft but planted feel as well as a nice grip. There is the honeycomb mesh fabric as well as is comfortable heel support. The shoes are going to set you back Rs. 1,499.