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Xiaomi 2-in-1 Bluetooth Mini Extendable Folding Tripod Selfie Stick Review

If you’re someone who is a photography enthusiast, a traveler, or anyone who simply loves taking selfies – a selfie stick turns out to be a great accessory. In fact, selfie stick was named one of the best inventions of 2014 by TIME. That said, with so many selfie stick options out there, finding the right one for your needs gets a little tricky. We just received the Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Tripod Stick for a review, and boy does it not make clicking selfies even more fun. I’ve been using it for about a week now, let’s find out more in our review.

Box Contents

Xiaomi Selfie Stick 7

  • Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Tripod Stick
  • Bluetooth module/remote
  • User manual

The first thing I noticed was how compact and lightweight it felt. You can easily put it your backpack without feeling any extra weight. Besides, it’s a sturdy and well-made selfie stick and nothing about it feels flimsy or cheap. Not to mention, the mount has a 360-degree rotation bracket giving you the freedom to capture fantastic landscape shots.

Xiaomi Selfie Stick 6

Another handy feature is the addition of onboard Bluetooth connectivity (10 meters), compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It essentially gives the freedom to extend the arm and get photos or selfies from a distance and different angles. You can also detach the module from the stick and use it as a Bluetooth remote.

Xiaomi Selfie Stick 4

Setting up and pairing the stick isn’t a hassle either. You don’t have to download any external apps or anything like that. Once paired with your smartphone, just start the camera app and click on the BIG button on the Bluetooth module to record videos or take photos.

Xiaomi Selfie Stick 2

Now, for the very cool part of this set – the tripod stand. There is a small tripod stand included in the stick that you can use. Place the stick just like any tripod stand and simply start shooting with the Bluetooth remote. I find this cool because not only I’ve not seen this in the past, but I also think it’s very smart and unique.

Xiaomi Selfie Stick 3


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Selfie stick cum tripod
  • Easy to use


  • Not officially available in India, but can be ordered from Banggood.com.

Xiaomi Selfie Stick 1

Selfies are all in the rage these days, and if you’re someone who loves taking selfies, you should totally check out Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Tripod. It’s not yet officially available in India, but you can get it here for just under Rs. 1,400 from Banggood.com. Not only does it let you shoot great selfies, but also gives you the ability to capture great images anywhere and in almost any situation. Besides, it’s lightweight, simple to use and very well thought out. Put simply, it’s a sturdy, well-made gadget and does nearly everything you’d want from a selfie stick.