Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Eyes MechAssault Revival

In a recent revelation, Xbox head Phil Spencer expressed his desire to breathe new life into a cherished game from the original Xbox era: MechAssault. This game, which debuted in November 2002, was among the pioneering titles to support Xbox Live’s online multiplayer feature. Developed by Day 1 Studios, MechAssault was well-received by fans, leading to the release of its sequel, MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, in 2004. The franchise also saw a Nintendo DS game, MechAssault: Phantom War, in 2006. However, despite its initial success, Microsoft decided to discontinue the series after MechAssault 2 didn’t meet sales expectations.

MechAssault: A Look Back

The MechAssault series was known for its third-person action gameplay. Day 1 Studios, which later rebranded as Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore, shifted its focus to the popular “World of Tanks” after the MechAssault series. Mitch Gitelman, who had collaborated with FASA on MechAssault, disclosed in 2017 that Microsoft had set a sales target for the franchise. Unfortunately, MechAssault 2’s sales didn’t reach the benchmark, leading to the series’ discontinuation.

Spencer’s Vision for the Future

Two decades after the release of the inaugural MechAssault game, Spencer has voiced his enthusiasm for its revival. During an IGN Japan Q&A session at the Tokyo Game Show 2023, Spencer reminisced about the series, stating, “I’ve always wanted us to go back and revisit the MechAssault/MechWarrior space.” He believes that the franchise was ahead of its time in many aspects and that revisiting it could be beneficial. However, he clarified that there are no current plans for a revival, ensuring that his statement wasn’t hinting at any leaks.

Noteworthy Mentions

Sarah Bond, another executive at Xbox, acknowledged the fans’ desire to see a revival of Blizzard’s StarCraft series. With Microsoft’s impending acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Bond’s remarks have garnered significant attention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer is keen on reviving the MechAssault game from the original Xbox era.
  • MechAssault was one of the first games to support Xbox Live online multiplayer.
  • The series was discontinued after MechAssault 2 failed to meet sales targets.
  • Spencer believes the MechAssault series was ahead of its time and sees potential in its revival.
  • Xbox executive Sarah Bond highlighted the fans’ interest in the StarCraft series revival.

Stay tuned for more updates on potential game revivals and the future of Xbox.