Jigar Mehta Founder and CEO numBer Jigar Mehta Founder and CEO numBer

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Jigar Mehta, Founder and CEO, numBer

We got a chance to sit with Mr. Jigar Mehta, Founder and CEO, numBer for an interview. Here’s how it went:

What is the story behind starting numBer?

Ans: Having grown up in awe of my father and grandfather’s legacy, I set out on a personal journey to carve my own path. And when I thought of building something of my own, I exactly knew that the technology industry is where I want to establish an empire. I wanted to bring a new wave to what had been happening in the industry. So, I founded numBer Fone Co. in 2013, to revolutionize smartphone distribution in Gujarat. The venture proved to be a remarkable success, boasting impressive profit margins. But the pandemic’s arrival in 2020 prompted me to reevaluate my business vision. Extensive research revealed a promising opportunity in the audio and wearables market, where quality products were scarce.

Fuelled by my passion for design, I seized this chance and launched numBer in 2021, dedicated to offering unparalleled excellence with our hearable and wearable product range. With a strong belief in the transformative potential of technology, my goal is to establish a legacy that leaves a positive impact on people’s lives and inspires generations to come. I resonate with the thought of life running on the concept of a numBer that transcends boundaries, culture, and race. I believe that everything comes at the right time.

Currently, numBer has gaming TWS earbuds, smartwatches, Bluetooth neckbands, and wired earphones. Our D2C site https://numBerfc.com/ was launched in 2021, and soon after, we collaborated with Flipkart and Amazon to reach our consumers. We also have presence at select retail outlets in Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra.

The hearable and wearable industry has mushroomed in past couple of years. How are you planning to disrupt the space and emerge as a leader?

In the dynamic and rapidly growing hearable and wearable industry, numBer is determined to disrupt the space and emerge as a leader. Our commitment lies in offering a diverse range of products that offer premium designs, top-quality materials, advanced tech features, and yet remain affordable. We introduced the first-ever helmet-shaped TWS case, reflecting our innovative spirit and distinctive approach.

What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on unique designs and aesthetics, resonating with our customers and establishing our brand identity. Furthermore, we prioritize the holistic customer experience by incorporating thoughtful packaging, garnering appreciation from customers and influential bloggers alike.

We are factor that sets us apart from other players is the packing of our products. Not only our customers but several bloggers/influencers have also appreciated the packaging along with product quality.

To maintain our leadership position, we continuously raise the bar by delivering best-in-class features, fostering a culture of innovation, and infusing playfulness into our products. By staying ahead of industry trends and nurturing customer loyalty, numBer is positioned to make a significant impact in this flourishing market.

What are product categories that you offer? How many products have you launched till date?

We offer a diverse range of product categories with a total of twelve products launched in the Indian market. We have TWS gaming earbuds, Bluetooth neckbands, and smartwatches.

We launched India’s first 1.91″ display smartwatch and the country’s slimmest 5mm metal frame smartwatch, setting new standards for innovation. Additionally, we are the first Indian brand to launch a helmet-styled gaming TWS, exclusively available on Flipkart, garnering outstanding customer feedback with a consistent 4.5-star rating and reviews, far surpassing the typical 30% sales contribution.

Any plans to launch new products? If yes, in which category? Any new feature or technology that we can expect?

Yes, we have exciting plans to launch around eight new products by the end of FY23. Our focus will be on introducing more gaming gadgets and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) devices. We believe that the esports industry in India is poised for remarkable growth, and our gaming gadgets will cater to this trend. Expect innovative features and technologies that enhance the gaming experience and provide convenience to our users.

Any plans to launch a new category?

Certainly! In the coming years, we have ambitious plans to expand our product offerings by venturing into new categories. While our current focus remains on gaming gadgets and TWS devices, we aim to explore other smart accessory segments and bring fresh and innovative products to the market.

What’s the future roadmap for the brand?

Our future roadmap is marked by strategic partnerships with leading marketplaces and Large Format Retailers (LFRs) to reach a wider audience. We are determined to establish a strong presence in the Indian market first and then explore opportunities in international markets.

Our goal is to be the pioneers in the smart accessory industry by 2025, achieving a revenue of over 300 crores. To achieve this, we will invest in marketing to expand our customer base and strengthen our social media presence. Additionally, we plan to reinforce our team with skilled individuals to support our growth and innovation endeavours.