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X Introduces Audio and Video Calls for All Users

Twitter audio

In a significant update to its platform, X (formerly known as Twitter) has begun rolling out audio and video calling features to its non-Premium subscribers, marking a pivotal expansion of its services. This move is set to democratize access to communication tools within the social media landscape, allowing more users to connect in real-time through the platform.

Key Highlights:

  • Audio and video calling features are now accessible to non-Premium X subscribers.
  • The update aims to enhance real-time communication on the platform.
  • No additional cost is required for non-Premium users to access these new features.

Twitter audio

Expanding Communication Tools

X’s introduction of audio and video calls to its wider user base represents a strategic enhancement of its platform’s communication capabilities. By enabling these features for non-Premium subscribers, X is breaking down barriers to comprehensive communication tools, fostering a more inclusive environment for its users.

How It Works

The new audio and video calling features are seamlessly integrated into the X platform, allowing users to initiate calls directly from their existing interfaces. This integration ensures a user-friendly experience, enabling real-time connections without the need for external applications.

Privacy and Security

In rolling out these features, X has emphasized the importance of privacy and security. The platform has implemented robust measures to protect users’ data and ensure secure communications, addressing potential concerns associated with online interactions.

Impact on User Engagement

The introduction of audio and video calls is expected to significantly impact user engagement on X. By offering more dynamic ways to interact, the platform is likely to see increased activity, as users take advantage of the enhanced communication options available to them.


X’s decision to extend audio and video calling capabilities to non-Premium subscribers is a commendable move towards democratizing digital communication. By breaking down the barriers that often separate users based on subscription levels, X is reinforcing its commitment to fostering an inclusive and connected community. This update not only enhances the platform’s functionality but also signals a positive step forward in the evolution of social media as a tool for comprehensive, accessible communication. As X continues to innovate and expand its offerings, it sets a precedent for other platforms to follow, emphasizing the importance of connectivity in today’s digital age.