This year May 17 has been observed as World Hypertension Day. This step is crucial because more than 30% death in India is because of Hypertension and the diseases that are triggered by it. Heart attacks, Kidney failure and strokes are the numbers of disease that can happen because of Hypertension.

To know if a person is suffering from Hypertension, the reading of the Blood pressure has to be consistently higher than 140 over a 90 over a week.

Whereas the country experts say that more than 20% of the youth are diagnosed with high blood pressure attributed because of changing lifestyle, food habits and stress among the youth of today.

Currently, if we look at the World figure more than 9.4 million people are suffering from high World Pressure and the number is increasing on day to day basis. Study have also suggested that in 2025, there would be a rise of more than 60% people from now who would be suffering from hypertension. In the 9.4 million people, 10% people also suffer from secondary hypertension.

Some of the primary symptoms of severe hypertension are a headache, sleepiness, palpitation, blurred vision, fatigue, dizziness, confusion and excessive tiredness in the body. Other than this one of the fundamental reason behind high blood pressure as suggested by doctors around the world are an intake of excessive salt in the diet. An increase of sodium leads to excess fluid in the body which creates high pressure and ultimately a person suffers from the heart attack or strokes.

The other most important thing to pay attention is on the fact that high blood pressure is an inheritable disease passed from one generation to another like diabetes or obesity. So one has to give extra attention on their diet, regular exercise, drinking and smoking habit. If these habits not monitored at the right time, it may lead to brain haemorrhage, heart attack, strokes, etc.

Observing this day makes us ponder on whether in this fast moving and competitive world we forget the essential thing, that is taking care of ourselves. We have become so engrossed in the day to day life that we have forgotten to take a break and focus on ourselves. So it is our responsibility to not only take time out for a regular check-up of blood pressure and if diagnosed than have proper medication taken for it. At the same time, we also need to make others aware of the same.