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WhatsApp end-to-end encryption, a reason to worry for Top FBI attorney


James Baker, top FBI attorney is concerned about the recent implementation of encryption in WhatsApp messaging app. According to Baker, criminals and anti-social elements might misuse the services and take advantage of the loopholes, which will ultimately prove fatal to peace and harmony.

Commenting on the sidelines of an event hosted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, James Baker, who serves as the FBIs top attorney said the increased use of encryption poses a serious threat to law enforcement agencies for the proper conduct of investigations. Since the officials who with Whatsapp themselves will not be able to decrypt information, the encryption implementation will not be beneficial for law enforcement agencies.

Baker further told media that the company should consider what benefits it provides and if they really care about the public, they should develop a system, which is fool proof for the safety of the general public.

He advised lawmakers to address this issue of encryption by filing legal suits since the company should clarify the measures in place to tackle the misuse of the system.

Meanwhile, two senators from Texas and Virginia have introduced legislation, which proposes setting up of a commission to suggest remedial measures on digital security challenges such as encryption of public data.

Even though Baker suggests the need for stronger encryption since he is himself a victim of a security breach, the company should also provide data on demand to Government agencies and assist in the course of the investigation.

Recently, WhatsApp co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton announced the implementation of encryption into the app, which keeps all content private and can be accessed only by the people exchanging messages. While professionals welcomed the move, lawmakers reacted with caution.

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