WhatsApp Chat Backups Now Count Against Google Drive Storage: What You Need to Know

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Millions of WhatsApp users worldwide are facing a change in how they store their chat history. As of July 2023, WhatsApp backups on Google Drive will no longer be exempt from storage limits. This means that any backups saved after that date will start eating into a user’s allotted 15GB of free Google Drive storage, potentially filling it up quickly for heavy WhatsApp users.

Key Highlights:

  • WhatsApp chat backups on Google Drive no longer free.
  • Backups will use user’s 15GB of free storage limit starting July 2023.
  • Google One subscriptions offer additional storage options.
  • Alternatives for WhatsApp backup and storage.

whatsapp fi 04

Previously, WhatsApp backups on Google Drive were treated separately from a user’s general storage, essentially offering unlimited space for free. This convenient system, however, came at a cost for Google, and the change aligns with the company’s broader strategy of monetizing cloud storage through Google One subscriptions.

Impact on Users:

For users who regularly back up their WhatsApp chats, the new policy could have significant consequences. If someone routinely chats with family, friends, and colleagues, their chats can accumulate a considerable amount of data, especially with media messages like photos and videos. With the 15GB limit in place, users who reach their quota will either need to delete old backups or upgrade to a Google One subscription to store their complete chat history.

Google One Subscription Options:

Google One offers various tiered plans with increasing storage capacities. The Basic plan with 100GB starts at $1.99 per month, while the Standard plan with 200GB costs $2.99 per month. For those who require even more space, the Premium plan provides 2TB for $9.99 per month. Additionally, annual subscriptions offer slightly cheaper rates compared to monthly payments.

Alternatives for WhatsApp Backup and Storage:

Users seeking alternatives to Google Drive for WhatsApp backup can explore several options.

  • iCloud backup (iPhone users): iPhone users can utilize iCloud for WhatsApp backup, but the free storage limit is even smaller at 5GB.
  • Third-party apps: Several third-party apps like FoneLab and Backuptrans offer dedicated WhatsApp backup solutions with varying features and storage options.
  • Local backups: Users can manually back up their WhatsApp data locally on their device, but this method requires manual management and doesn’t provide cloud accessibility.

Moving Forward:

The change in Google Drive policy might prompt users to re-evaluate their WhatsApp backup habits and find solutions that suit their individual needs and storage budget. Whether through paid subscriptions or alternative methods, ensuring access to important chat history remains crucial for many WhatsApp users.

While the end of unlimited free WhatsApp backups on Google Drive may come as an inconvenience, it highlights the ever-growing demands of data storage in today’s digitally connected world. By exploring alternative solutions and choosing a storage plan that aligns with their usage, users can navigate this change and continue to enjoy the benefits of secure and accessible WhatsApp backups.


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