One person walking with his dog in Wales discovered whale’s vomit, which fetched him $16,700. The object found on the beach was a 1.1 kg mass of whale vomit also called ambergris. It created huge interest when it was put up to be sold at an auction house located in northern England.

The auction house put a price in the $7,600 to $10,600 range on the chunk of black and yellow ambergris. The latter was hardly 20 centimeters long.

When the item was put up, an estimated 50 persons were present in the Macclesfield’s auction house. When the estimate for the object was passed, the contest was reduced to just two bidders.

Both the final two bidders were not physically present. One was bidding over the telephone while the other was using the Internet. The telephone bidder ultimately prevailed.

However, the auctioneers did not reveal details of the winner who is a private collector.

Adam Partridge auctioneer opined that he was delighted with the sale. He added that many objects such as palm oil, fat, and rubber resembled ambergris. However by conducting research and interacting with the authorities they could correctly identify the thing.

The discoverer of the whale vomit opted to keep his identity unknown. He also did not reveal the beach where the object was found.

The perfume industry uses whale vomit that is considered as a valuable treasure. The vomit enhances the scent or lengthens the period of which a particular fragrance lasts.

The auction house had the object examined and determined that it was present in these for around half a century.

Ambergris is produced in a sperm whale’s digestive system. It is excreted either with faeces or vomit.

As per scientists, it is utilized to layer irritating items in the whale’s intestines.

It is against the law to trade in ambergris in several countries, but in situations where people have found it on the beaches, the finder has the right to keep it.

In this case after observing that the dog sniffed something and did not leave it, the dog owner thought that it was definitely not a rock. He found it having soft as well as soapy texture after touching it.