Wedding is a one-time event in one’s life. Hence, you have to plan it very effectively to make sure the memories remains in your heart. To simplify the formalities associated with marriage functions, you need to make use of social network portals like In this article, we will examine the features included with the portal. is a social network portal for brides, grooms, and vendors. The site provides information about photographers, Videographers, Showmen, Stylists, Decorators, Wedding planners, Doli rental, Saree, Jewelry salons, tent rental, bands, Entertainers, DJ, –°horeographers, catering, and venues.


After fixing the engagement, you can verify the site for relevant information. For instance, you can locate the correct venue near your location by selecting Venues.


If you select Venues, you will view detailed information about all the venues where you can conduct the marriage. If you are located in Bangalore, you can scroll down and select the option “venues in Bengaluru”. You will view a list of all venues in Bengaluru. Similarly, you can refine the search for other places.

As of writing this, the site provides information about few select places. We expect the site to get updated over the period of time.

Like all other activities, catering is one of the important stuff you need to consider. This is because you need to avail services of proper catering agency. provides a detailed list of all catering agencies in select locations across India.

You can change location by selecting the city name from the top side adjacent to the logo. You need to select Directory option if you would like to navigate all options on the site.

4 also displays photo stream. You can view them by selecting Photo option from the navigation panel. If you select an image, you can view an enlarged size with comments from other users. It is also possible to sort photos by popularity, most discussed and also the photo of the day.

5 also provides video option but we are unable to view any content. We expect the site to get updated with new videos. The portal also offers paid services by launching Pro account. If you join as a Pro member, you will have a priority placement in the directory among other services.

Conclusion is a comprehensive site, which provides detailed information about the various utilities associated with the marriage. Instead of manually finding each service, you can quickly locate all service providers under one single umbrella.