WD Black Desktop Hard Drive 4.0TB Review: Amazingly fast performer without any lags

WD identifies its hard drives with colors and each of these colors serve different computing purposes. Red, Black, Blue and Purple are the brand names for each of the hard drives series with different uses. The Black series are for all the creative professionals and professional gamers who seeks for more performance and less loading times. WD is one of the few brands who give five years warranty on a mechanical storage.


The 4TB WD Black SATA hard drive with 64 MB cache is the one which I have with me right now. The build and design of the drive are not much different than any other drives; just this one is a little heavier and thicker, that’s obvious because of its capacity. The drive comes with the traditional ports; SATA 3 6GB/s and the power port to attach it with the workstation. The drive’s spindle speed is 7200 rpm (rotation per minute), which is best for faster read and write on a system. This drive is fitted with five 800 MB platter to achieve the four terabyte storage.


The drive comes with 64 MB dynamic cache to decrease the load times and increase the productivity of the drive. The cache stores the data before actually writes it permanently to the magnetic platters. The dynamic cache improves the performance by optimizing the cache allocation between read and write while overwhelming percentage of read and write traffic. And with lots of cache, WD Black hard drive is suitable for creative software like Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects.

The WD Black hard drives include StableTrac Technology to increase the accuracy while data tracking. The StableTrac technology keeps the hard drive safe from vibrations from other gaming hardware or the cabinet and delivers the same speed and data track accuracy. StableTrac technology helps the drive to keep the platters stable while data tracking to prevent damage to the platters or the data.

When it comes to power, the WD Black hard drive is fitted with a dual-core processor which offers twice the processing power and maximizes the performance and read/write speed. It is good for gaming machines to load games faster than other drives and give you a smooth and lag free gaming experience.


We benchmarked this hard disk on different benchmarking softwares, and here are the results. First, we tested the drive with the CrystalDiskMark; it benchmarks the drive on two factors; sequential write and 4K write. Sequential write writes the data like you do while copying data and 4K write is the one in which the software writes small data blocks (4KB) in random positions. We tested the drive twice to make the results more accurate for you, check the results below.


The second software that we used for benchmarking is the HD Tune Pro. You can see that the read speed in HD Tune Pro is approximately equal to the CrystalDiskMark’s read results. This means the results are accurate and you will surely get the best read and write speed on this hard drive.hd-tune-pro


  • Model Number: WD4003FZEX
  • Storage Capacity: 4.0TB
  • Cache: 64MB Dynamic
  • Form Factor: 3.5 Inches
  • Performance Class: 7200 RPM
  • Features: StableTrac Technology


  • Faster read/write speed
  • Five years warranty
  • 64 MB cache


  • None


If you are a creative professional, a common user or even a gamer, the data means all to you, don’t go for some cheap bunch of hard drives to get large storage capacity. Instead, invest once and forget about all the data loss or poor performance in games or software crashes. The WD Black hard drive is available for Rs. 18,300 with 4.0TB storage space and 64 MB cache.

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