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Best VoIP Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Currently, there is a huge influx of apps that provide VoIP services on Android smartphones. VoIP apps are those apps that provide calling facility along with messaging in the same app. Apart from the more common ones like Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, there are many other apps that best provide these services. And here are some of the best apps in this category.


Viber is one of the most popular apps in this list. It provides voice and video calling capabilities along with messaging. This app also provides HD voice; this makes the audio quality in both voice and video calling pretty amazing.

Apart from the general features, this app also provides android wear support that enables the user to view and send text messages through their watches.


This one is another most popular apps when it comes to the middle east and is slowly but surely gaining momentum in the rest of the world. It does good quality voice calls along with text messages. This app works stably with any Android version higher than 2.3.


This app is one of the old players that has recently tried its hand in the VoIP services. This app provides excellent video and voice calling facilities that has a decent quality.


Well, who can forget this app when it comes to the present category. Skype is the most popular app that is an able competitor to most of these apps. This app enables you to call anyone and make seamless international calls. This app provides both voice and video calling services.


This is a fairly new name in this category, but it is a pretty good competition. This app is basically all about international calling. This app supports calling to and from countries like India, China, Mexico and a bunch of other countries at pretty cheap rates.


WeChat-VoIP-App This app is pretty popular in China largely because a lot of the above-stated apps are banned there. Other than that this app is a decent choice for voice and video calling.

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