Top Business and Finance Apps for Android Smartphones

In a technology-driven era, where you can do almost all of your business related tasks virtually, the presence of business and finance apps on your smartphone can turn things around.

There are hundreds of personal business and finance apps available on Google Play Store. But, below is a list of top business apps and finance apps that you should have in your smartphone to manage tasks in an organized manner.

1. Skype


You may have to do dozens of works simultaneously, if you are a startup entrepreneur. From client meetings to video-conferencing, everything is important. And to make sure that you don’t miss out any of your important meeting and conference calls, Skype is the one stop solution for you.

The app allows you to attend client meetings, video conferencing call and other important get together events from any virtual location. As long as you have a good RAM and data speed, you can use Skype uninterruptedly.

2. Finance Manager

Finance Manager

You cannot employ an accountant on the first day of your business who can tally your monthly expenses and prepare a report at the end of the month. Well, until you start earning decent money to recruit one accountant, install Finance Manager and manage your finances. It helps you track your expenses, distribute them category-wise and prepare a monthly budget.

3. Google Drive/Drop Box

Google Drive/Drop Box

You may need certain documents while traveling different places to meet clients and vendors. To make sure that none of your business document goes missing during any such meeting, you can save them on Google Drive or Drop Box and access virtually from your smartphone.

4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

No more forgetting important dates when one is on the go! Download this amazing app – Google Calendar and sync it with your Google Account and track all the meetings, To-Do lists, events, presentations, etc. right from your smartphone. You will forget nothing due to your busy schedule once you download it.

So, install the above-mentioned best business and finance apps in your smartphone and make life easy, organized and hassle-free.