Vivo renewed its supports towards the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic in India and donated 15,000 PPE suits as well as 50,000 litres of sanitizer for the same. The company said the donation provided to the central government is aimed at assisting the healthcare officials and caregiver who are at the frontline in this war against coronavirus.

Earlier, the smartphone maker had made similar contribution comprising of 9 lakhs masks. Those were meant for use by the law enforcement agencies, municipal corporation staff, as well as various other state and central government officials who would benefit from it.

India has so far been able to avoid a huge spurt in Coronavirus cases, with more than 31,000 known cases so far. That has much to do with effective means and methods adopted by the state and central government officials that managed to contain the spread of the virus.

However, the threat still looms large and the battle against coronavirus is far from being over. Under the circumstances, the fresh lot of PPE suits and sanitizers will no doubt be of great help to the concerned authorities. The company also released a digital film – Heroes Who care – in appreciation of the selfless service being provided by the country’s doctors, nurses and other staff who have been relentlessly waging the battle against the invisible enemy.

Worth mentioning, Vivo has recently been adjudged the second largest smartphone maker in India, dislodging Samsung in the process which has been relegated to the third slot. Vivo now has 19.9 percent market share in the country with Samsung having 18.9 percent share. Xiaomi continues to be at the top with 30.6 percent share of the market.