Ui ENC AIR 03 Series TWS Earbuds Ui ENC AIR 03 Series TWS Earbuds

U&i Launches New Range of Accessories for Daily Commutes and Travel

The summer is here already, and so is the time to plan vacations. Leading gadget, accessories, and consumer electronics brand U&i brings you two new must-have travel accessories that should be in your bag, every day, everywhere. Presenting the ENC AIR 03 Series TWS Earbuds and AIRGOLD Series 10000mAh Power Bank that not only ensures you have fun but also helps recharge all your gadgets for work to stay efficient even when you are outdoors.

U&i ENC AIR 03 Series – TWS Earbuds

Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, the U&i ENC AIR 03 is a premium-styled TWS Earbuds with a whopping 30-hour battery life. Crafted with a smooth matte-finished dual-tone surface and soft skin-friendly and sweat-resistant silicone tips, these earbuds are designed with a unique shape for a snug fit. Featuring dual microphones for enhanced voice clarity and environmental noise cancellation, your phone and video calls will always be crisp and clear. The drivers are made of a composite diaphragm for superior surround sound audio, giving you an immersive experience when playing music, movies, and games. Complete with a touch-sensitive surface to control your audio, phone calls, and volume, the ENC AIR 03 TWS is a superb companion for your smartphone.

U&i AIRGOLD Series – Power Bank 10000mAh

When you have gadgets on the go, you need to have a power backup to keep them running. The U&i AIRGOLD Series Power Bank gives you an added advantage to keep your gadgets full of battery life, whenever you need them, no matter wherever you may be. Featuring micro and USB-C inputs for charging the power bank, you can use any smartphone charger available to keep it alive. Dual USB-A ports are available that can simultaneously charge up to two devices with up to 5V/2.1 amps of power each. The slim profile makes this power bank extremely portable and handy to keep in your pocket or bag — a superb must-have accessory for the daily commuter or frequent traveler. Additionally, the AIRGOLD Power Bank is equipped with all the safety features, including over voltage, over current, overheating, and overcharging protections, to keep your expensive gadgets safe and healthy.

Pricing and Availability:  

The U&i ENC AIR 03 Series TWS Earbuds and AIRGOLD Series 10000mAh Power Bank will be available in the market at a price of INR 2,499 and INR 1,999 respectively. Users can buy this product from all the U&i outlets and other leading retail stores across India.