Sunbird App Brings Unified Messaging with iMessage on Android to India Sunbird App Brings Unified Messaging with iMessage on Android to India

Sunbird App Brings Unified Messaging with iMessage on Android to India

Sunbird Messaging, the newest unified messaging app for Android users, focuses on Indian consumers to grow its waitlist.

Sunbird reported their waitlist surpassed 100K waitlist signups. “We want to meet consumers’ unique messaging needs in every part of the world, starting with India,” states Danny Mizrahi, CEO of Sunbird Messaging. “In addition to getting iMessage on Android phones, every country and region has unique messaging preferences, and we want to build an all-in-one app that works as universally as possible,” he adds.

Sunbird App is gearing up to provide the following to Android users

  • Put iMessage on Android mobile devices without a computer or Apple device.
  • Unify top messaging apps including, but not limited to, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging, SMS, Telegram, Discord, RCS, and Slack.
  • Allow users to text high-resolution photos and videos.
  • New security encryption between Android and Apple devices.

To sign-up for Sunbird’s waitlist, Android users must visit The app will be available in the Google Play Store during its beta launch this summer.

According to February 2023 statistics from, approximately 2.5 billion active Android users are currently in 190 countries. Sunbird is increasing its global awareness efforts in targeted regions and countries across the globe, starting with India.

“Any place on Earth where Android and iPhone users communicate, there is a need for Sunbird,” explains Mizrahi. “We aim to solve long-standing messaging challenges between the devices once and for all, but that’s just the beginning,” he adds.

Sunbird emphasizes a highly secure messaging environment for its users. According to Mizrahi, text messages remain encrypted—and are not stored on Sunbird’s servers. “By encrypting text messaging between iPhones and Androids, Sunbird is adding a new layer of security innovation that sets us apart from other unified messaging apps.”

Of the 100k waitlist signups, approximately 5% are alpha-testing the app. Sunbird began alpha-testing flights in late December 2022 and is tracking toward a 100% success rate for getting iMessage on Android. Sunbird will continue to run alpha-testing, adding thousands of waitlist users volunteering to test the app and provide feedback through April.

“Alpha-testing is proving to be a success and gives our teams insights on everything from product development to growth strategy,” says Mizrahi. He added, “Sunbird requires Android users to have an active Apple ID, and numerous alpha-testers are using their Apple ID to sign up for Apple TV subscriptions for the first time,” Mizrahi proclaims.

Sunbird aims for a late Summer 2023 beta launch of iMessage on Android devices, with a 100% success rate for all users worldwide. Details on the beta launch will be announced at a later date.

Sunbird introduced itself as an early-stage startup in December 2022 to U.S. consumers garnering attention from top U.S.-based tech news sites like Digital Trends, Apple Insider, Android Authority, Phone Arena, and more.

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