The U.S. confirms involvement of North Korean Government in Sony cyberattacks

According to a New York Times (NYT) report, the U.S. Government had hacked the North Korean computer networks years before the country cracked into Sony Entertainment’s servers. The North Korean government was earlier accused of hacking Sony’s servers and publishing private information. But recent reports reveal that the U.S. stayed one step ahead in the incident. This helped the U.S. President, Barrack Obama directly blame North Korea for the deed.

The National Security Agency (NSA) program had managed to collect some information that helped the U.S. intelligent officials point their blames on North Korea in the Sony cyberattack case. The information has been confirmed by several former and current U.S. officials whose names have been cited in a report by the NYT.

The NSA had cracked into the Chinese networks that connected North Korea to the World Wide Web in 2010. The officials embedded malware into the networks that are deployed by the cyberspies of North Korea. Some networks covered the Bureau 121 unit also, which is alleged to cause the Sony hack. This helped the U.S. to identify the country’s responsibility for the attacks within a small period of a few weeks. At the time, North Korea had threatened Sony of a terrorist attack went ahead with the release of its movie, “The Interview.” The movie was related to a comedic plot around the assassination of a national hero, Kim Jong Un, for North Korea. The country announced that if the company released the movie, it would be an “act of war.”

The U.S. imposed new economic penalties on North Korea and certain special individuals this year as a response to the Sony cyber attacks. North Korea also witnessed several Internet outages in December and alleged the U.S. for the same. The U.S. officials however remained silent in this matter.

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