Tulsa Community College Partners with Local Company to Innovate Job Searches for Students Using AI Technology

Tulsa Community College Partners with Local Company to Innovate Job Searches for Students Using AI Technology

Tulsa Community College (TCC) is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technologies into the educational landscape to benefit its students. In partnership with local organizations and technology companies, TCC is offering programs designed to equip students with the necessary skills to thrive in the modern workforce and connect them with potential employers.

Key Highlights:

  • TCC, in collaboration with edX and Tulsa Innovation Labs, offers scholarship-funded training programs in cybersecurity, data analytics, and AI.
  • The Cyber Skills Center at TCC provides fully-funded training for selected learners, covering tuition, childcare, transportation, and career-readiness support.
  • This initiative targets increasing technical talent in the Tulsa region, focusing on women, BIPOC, and lower-income professionals.
  • TCC’s programs are designed to be accessible, offering various financial aids and scholarships to ensure students can graduate debt-free.

Tulsa Community College Partners with Local Company to Innovate Job Searches for Students Using AI Technology

Understanding the Partnership and Program Benefits

Tulsa Community College has launched an innovative educational initiative through its Cyber Skills Center, focusing on providing in-depth training in fields such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. This effort is supported by partnerships with edX, a global online learning platform, and Tulsa Innovation Labs, an organization aimed at positioning Tulsa as a leader in the technology sector. The collaboration aims to build Tulsa’s tech talent pipeline by offering full scholarships for adult learners, thus removing financial barriers to education​​​​.

Who Can Benefit?

The program is tailored for adults in the Tulsa area looking to start or advance in technology careers, including career changers, upskillers, military veterans transitioning to civilian tech roles, and creative minds. This initiative provides an opportunity for these individuals to acquire new, in-demand technical tools and skills, facilitating a smoother transition into the tech industry​​.

Comprehensive Support for Students

TCC goes beyond just educational training. The college ensures that all fully-funded learners receive comprehensive support, including all tuition costs, access to childcare, transportation, career-readiness support, and the necessary equipment to succeed in their chosen fields​​.

A Pathway to Success Without the Debt

One of the standout features of TCC’s approach is its commitment to affordability. The college offers various financial aids and scholarships, aiming to ensure that the majority of its graduates complete their education debt-free. This focus on affordability extends to Tulsa County high schoolers, who can attend TCC for free, further emphasizing the institution’s dedication to making education accessible to all​​.

Expanding Opportunities and Facilities

TCC’s expansive campus facilities provide easy access to a quality education close to home, with locations throughout Tulsa. Each campus is equipped with the necessary resources and amenities to support student success. Additionally, TCC’s partnership with local and online universities ensures that credits earned are transferable, maximizing the value of the education received​​.

Student Life and Support Services

To enhance the student experience, TCC offers a wide range of support services including academic advising, career services, tutoring, and access to free devices and internet. The college’s commitment to supporting students extends beyond academics, with various campus events, activities, and resources designed to foster a vibrant student community​​.

Tulsa Community College’s partnership with local companies and organizations to integrate AI technology into their programs represents a significant step forward in education. By providing students with the skills required by today’s employers and supporting them through comprehensive educational and financial aid programs, TCC is not only helping to shape the future workforce of Tulsa but also setting a precedent for community colleges nationwide. This initiative underscores the importance of innovative educational programs in preparing students for the evolving job market, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and skilled tech community in Tulsa.

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