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Education Centre of Australia is all set to launch OpenLearning Bharat in India to revolutionize education

OpenLearning, empowered by Education Centre of Australia (ECA Group), is all set to introduce their platform – OpenLearning Bharat to the Indian market, in perfect alignment with the government’s initiative – ‘India a Vishwa Guru’. A momentous launch event has been announced, scheduled for July 1, 2023, at the prestigious Taj Palace in New Delhi. The launch of OpenLearning Bharat signifies a collective effort to bring their successful model and expertise to cater to the Indian student population & fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of making India a Vishwa Guru (world leader) in education, empowering students and shaping the future of learning.

OpenLearning Bharat, supported by the Education Centre of Australia led by Group CEO Rupesh Singh and India CEO Rajesh Singh, has gained prominence as a leading player in the global education industry, with a mission to revolutionize higher education and online learning in India. Despite the remarkable surge in individuals engaging in online learning, the cost associated with accessing quality education remains a significant barrier for students from lower and middle-class backgrounds. The event aims to address the crucial need to sustain and expand accessible and affordable world-class education for students in India.

Notable spokespersons attending the event include esteemed Vice-Chancellors from renowned universities, prominent CEOs and CHROs from leading corporations, influential education service providers, expert education consultants, and representatives from various media outlets. Their presence underscores the significance of this event and highlights the widespread interest in the advancement of online education in India.

OpenLearning has established itself as the largest e-learning platform, serving over 5 million students worldwide. By offering a wide range of career-building programs, skill enhancement courses, professional training certifications, and full qualifications, OpenLearning has garnered trust from over 300 of the world’s top 3% international universities.

The collaboration between the Education Centre of Australia and Indian universities for OpenLearning Bharat heralds a significant transformation in India’s education landscape. By leveraging cutting-edge Learning Management Systems (LMS), this partnership enables universities to deliver a more effective and comprehensive learning experience to their students. Additionally, ECA offers Indian universities opportunities to run international programs in the latest management and cutting-edge technology domains, fostering collaboration and innovation.

The launch event of OpenLearning Bharat promises to be a momentous occasion, with the unveiling of a groundbreaking platform that will bring world-class education and innovative learning experiences to Indian students.