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Tubi’s New AI-Powered Search Tool: Rabbit AI

In a recent development, Tubi, the popular streaming service, has launched a new AI-powered search tool named “Rabbit AI.” This innovative tool was unveiled for its iOS mobile app and promises to revolutionize the way users search for content on the platform.

A Nod to the Super Bowl Ad

The introduction of Rabbit AI is a fitting tribute to Tubi’s Super Bowl advertisement, which featured giant bunnies pulling viewers into a realm of endless content. This new feature leverages the capabilities of OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4, aiming to simplify the process of finding the perfect show or movie to watch. The beta version of Rabbit AI has been released in the US, with plans to introduce other versions in the upcoming weeks.

Beyond Simple Keyword Searches

Tubi’s Rabbit AI is not just another search tool. It offers users the ability to go beyond basic keyword searches. Instead of merely typing in a genre or title, viewers can pose questions, much like how they’d ask a friend for movie recommendations. For instance, if someone inquires about “horror movies with food,” they might get intriguing results like “Slaw” or “Pastacolypse.” Additionally, the tool provides an option to save search results to a personal watchlist, ensuring that users’ favorite content is always within reach.

A Conversational Tool

One of the standout features of Rabbit AI is its ability to function as a conversational question-answer tool. Whether a user is registered or not, they can access this feature on the mobile app. However, to save titles to the “MyList” section, registration is mandatory. As users engage with Rabbit AI, the home screen of the app adapts, offering recommendations based on their interactions with the tool. While currently limited to on-demand videos, there are plans to expand Rabbit AI’s capabilities to live content in the future.

Setting a New Standard in Streaming

While many streaming platforms, including giants like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu, have integrated AI-based algorithms to analyze viewing habits and offer personalized recommendations, Tubi stands out. It is the pioneer in integrating a tool that incorporates ChatGPT into its mobile app. Moreover, a Rabbit AI plugin is available on OpenAI for those with paid subscriptions.

In Conclusion:

  • Tubi’s Rabbit AI is set to redefine content search on streaming platforms.
  • The tool offers a conversational approach, allowing users to ask questions and receive tailored recommendations.
  • With its integration of ChatGPT, Tubi is paving the way for more interactive and personalized streaming experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates on how Rabbit AI continues to transform the world of streaming!