Wave Buds Pro by RABBIT 1 Wave Buds Pro by RABBIT 1

Class-leading RABBIT Wave Buds Pro is here to inspire and empower music lovers and game enthusiasts

With the aim to inspire, develop and roll out world-class wearable technology products at affordable prices, the home-grown R&D-centric tech company POCKET FULL GADGETS PRIVATE LIMITED has launched Wave Buds Pro by RABBIT. RABBIT is the brand name for company’s wearable technology products.

The imminently recallable brand name RABBIT has been inspired by lovable Rabbit’s highly sensitive and nuanced hearing quality, the best amongst animals. RABBIT the brand aspires to develop and introduce lifestyle audio products with equally great audio qualities as the nature has bestowed to Rabbit. Rabbit also aims to become the first home-grown audio brand with global reach and reverence.

To ensure maximum bang for your bucks, RABBIT Wave Buds Pro comes loaded with class-leading features such as Active Noise Cancellation, ENC, Bluetooth 5.1, low latency and up-to 7 hours of continuous active sound output which is sure to be music to the ears of music aficionados and gamers alike and all this at a very reasonable price.

“RABBIT is here to inspire and empower every music lover and game enthusiast. RABBIT Wave Buds Pro is a class-leading product in sync with our motto “Real Sound Matters”. I am confident that our flagship offering – Wave Buds Pro – will bring big smile amongst music lovers and game enthusiasts alike and will help establish Rabbit’s reputation as a top-of-the-line quality brand,” said Mr Arun Ram, the founder of Pocket Full Gadgets, which owns brand Rabbit.

Mr Ram further pointed out that the “brand Rabbit will be a living proof of the commitment and success of ‘Make in India’ in the high-tech, high-precision audio segment too as the product has been completely designed and developed by Company’s R&D team at Bangalore.”

The Company is now developing and gearing up for the launch of more high-tech wearable technology products in a phased manner.

RABBIT Wave Buds Pro available on amazon.in @ INR 4499

Key Features – RABBIT Wave Buds Pro


o   Bluetooth 5.1

o   Low Latency

o   13mm Driver – Helps deliver balanced, clear audio

o   Charging Time: 1.5 Hours

o   Playing Time: 21 hours in case, 7 hrs in earbuds

o   Sweat & Water Resistant

o   Game Mode for Low Latency

o   Ergonomic fit

o   Featherlite

o   Transparency Mode

o   Noise Cancelling 30 db