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OPPO wins Impact Award and Consumer Technology Innovation Award at BEYOND Expo 2022

OPPO was awarded the Impact Award and Consumer Tech Innovation Award at BEYOND Expo 2022 yesterday in recognition of its achievements in sustainability and SUPERVOOC Flash Charge technology.

Opening on September 21, this year’s BEYOND Expo attracted more than 20,000 science and technology innovators and 500 technology companies worldwide. OPPO was among the companies exhibiting at the event, where it showcased its achievements in sustainability and the results of the recent OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator.

OPPO picks up Impact Award and Consumer Tech Innovation Award

As part of the BEYOND Expo, the BEYOND Awards highlight cutting-edge innovations in healthcare, sustainability, and consumer tech. Among these, the Impact Award aims to recognize organizations for their impact on addressing public issues through technology and for their positive contributions to the environment, science, and technology. OPPO was awarded this year’s Impact Award in recognition of the positive impact of the company’s actions and achievements in sustainability.

Beyond Expo 2022- Beyond Impact Awards 2022

With OPPO’s ongoing efforts to provide faster and safer charging for electronic devices over the years, OPPO’s SUPERVOOC Flash Charge technology was also named the breakthrough technology of the year and an industry-leading technology by the BEYOND Award judging panel. The impact of flash charge and the product ecosystem around the technology also saw OPPO awarded the Consumer Tech Innovation Award.

Beyond Expo 2022-Beyond Innovative Awards on Consumer Tech 2022

“The BEYOND Expo was created to showcase innovative technology and its impact on society. Through the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator, its ongoing efforts in sustainability, and SUPERVOOC Flash Charge technology, OPPO has shown us the positive impact that innovative technology can have on society, industry, and the way people experience technology,” said Dr. Lu Gang, Co-founder of BEYOND Expo.

OPPO is leading the industry towards a more sustainable future

Guided by OPPO’s commitment to sustainability, OPPO Flash Charge technology has not only been designed to deliver fast charging speeds for mobile devices, but also to improve battery safety and battery lifespan. At BEYOND Expo 2022, OPPO exhibited its industry-leading Battery Health Engine technology, which enhances battery lifespan through the system-level Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology. By extending battery lifespan to double the current industry average, OPPO is helping to reduce electronic waste and enable consumers to get optimal performance out of their smartphones for longer. As the first fast charging technology for mobile phones, OPPO SUPERVOOC Flash Charge has improved the charging experience for 220 million users worldwide. The technology continues to drive innovation and popularization of fast charging technology by licensing more than 1,800 patent licenses to third-party manufacturers to implement into their products.

During BEYOND Expo, OPPO also demonstrated its achievements in sustainable product packaging and its efforts to encourage industry partners to join the company in recycling electronic waste. From 2018-2021[1], OPPO achieved a 95% reduction in plastic use for colored box packaging for its mobile phones, and in China, the company recycled 216 tons of mobile phone products.

OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator highlights the power of technology and innovation to solve key social issues

Initiated by OPPO earlier this year, the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator is a platform designed to empower those involved in technology and innovation around the world to unleash the power of their ideas for the greater good. At BEYOND Expo 2022, attendees could learn more about all winning proposals from this year’s Accelerator. Among the concepts on display was a massive system for earthquake early warning, an AI psychiatry diagnosis and treatment system, interactive holographic imaging technology, and more. These solutions all aim to address current issues in the two areas of accessible technology and digital health, and reflect OPPO’s own belief in “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World.”

OPPO will continue to bring enhanced experiences to its global users through sustainable technology and innovation as it optimizes its products and services and leads the consumer electronics industry towards a smarter future.