Three of the Unusual Ways That Our Favourite Board Games Are Evolving

Board games have been around for centuries, with The Royal Game of Ur and Senet dating back more than 4,5000 years. Yet, in the last few years we’ve seen this genre expand in new and unexpected ways that make it easier to find for players to something fresh and different.

Board Games

Board Games Meet Online Casino Games

There’s been a huge shift in the online casino world in the last few years too, as themed slots and live dealer games have added a great deal of variety. When you look for a selection of the best online casino games, you’ll find the likes of the Monopoly Travel World Tour slot by Light & Wonder. Based on the classic style of a five-reel slot, it has a variety of features and symbols linked to the property-based board game.

Monopoly can also be seen in the live dealer lobby, with Monopoly Live and Monopoly Big Baller Live sitting alongside other board games like Snakes and Ladders Live. These games cleverly combine elements of the board games that inspired them with casino action to create new ways of playing.

Legions Imperialis Takes War Games to a New Epic Scale

War games have been popular since the 1950s, with the launch of Tactics by Avalon Hill. They’ve become increasingly complex since then and the list of the best titles in the genre includes the likes of Dune, War of the Ring, and Mare Nostrum: Empires, revealing the diversity of the modern war game sector. Simple mobile strategy games have taken some of the best parts of these games and made them easier to play, but the original type of war games hold a unique type of appeal.

The recent release of the Legions Imperialis starter set from Games Workshop promises to take this way of playing to a whole new level. That’s because you get to take control of massive armies in a game where your success relies heavily on planning and trying to work out what your opponent is going to do. To get the full impact, you’ll need to make extra purchases to build up your armies to their full potential.

Luxury Board Games Tied in With Top Brands

It used to be a case of everyone playing a particular board game with the same basic board and pieces. However, the arrival to the market of luxury board games linked to top brands has added an extra sense of choice and style to the industry that appeal enormously to some players. They are perfectly functional games that also work well as ornaments and are also excellent talking points in any classy home.

The options include a Bottega Veneta domino set where each of the numbered tiles has been made from delicate Veneto ceramic, to backgammon sets from Prada that have a sleek look and are beautifully finished in their trademark Saffiano leather. These are all expensive luxuries that not everyone is going to want to pay for, but they give another example of the diversification of the gaming industry and how it meets the needs of different types of players so well.

What Comes Next?

As we’ve seen, the board games market has moved in interesting new directions that are designed to help everyone who loves playing these games find an approach that’s perfect for them. Expect to see this evolution continue as more new ideas hit the market, but exactly how these changes are made and what kind of games we can look forward to is something that only time will tell.