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You guys must be wondering that we are having a gaming gala this week. Followed by Most addicted smartphone games and Best puzzle smartphone games, now we have come up with the most loved Strategic smartphone games. Strategic games involve complete concentration and are designed for deep thinkers. Gamer’s need to wear their thinking hats and strategically move step by step in order to complete their mission. Below listed are some outstanding strategic games that will help you sharpen your thinking and decision-making capability.

7Clash of Clans:

Top on the list we have Clash of Clans. In this game, players need to create a glorious army and lead their clan towards victory. Gamers need to strategically build their village to avoid invaders and looters. You can fight with players around the globe and earn extra trophies. A group of players can join in together to create an ultimate clan much stronger than various other individual players. You can choose to attack a clan and declare war.

Players can create a strong army using a combination of Heroes, troops, and clans. The main aim of the game is to protect your village and fight against the Goblin King by using cannons, Bombs, traps and spells. There are multiple upgrade levels which players need to cross successfully. Strategizing and building your village, battling against various players, destroying their clans, winning trophies, etc., all are a vital part of this superb strategic game.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

6Invasion- Modern Empire:

5Brutal Age- Horde Invasion:

4Last Empire-War Z:

This game is all about Zombies!!! Scared? Well, don’t be. Players need to train their Zombie army that would fight from enemies. You can even join in groups with other players around the globe and prevent your resources from getting robbed. The game has genius graphics depicting dead walkers roaming around the entire city searching for targets.

Gamers need to form smart and courageous strategies to survive themselves. This strategic game is full of unexpected brutal attacks. So, the players need to be active and prepared for war all the time. This mobile strategy game requires strong commanders to rule out and achieve victory. The survival of the city depends upon the strategies undertaken by the Gamers. So, you need to be careful while taking strategic decisions. Else the consequences would result in ultimate terror.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

3Clash Royale:

2Transformers- Earth Wars:

We all are aware of the epic movie of ‘Transformers.’ This game is the digital version of the same where good Auto-bots fights the evil one. The ultimate mission is to form and assemble a strong team of various Transformers characters including the very famous Optimus Prime, Megatron, Grimlock, and Starscream! After creating your defense army, you are all set to protect the Earth from evil auto-bots.

There are different abilities and strategies which need to be deployed to win the battle. Players can create powerful strategic auto-bots alliances and fight with global enemies. The game possesses a strong interface and stunning graphics. The superb animations would make you feel your presence in the fight. This is a must have strategy game which all game lovers should try out.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

1Chess Free:

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