This Teacher’s Day, show your appreciation for your Gurus through these tech-savvy gifts

Do you recall the exciting Teacher’s Day celebrations in school—those uncountable wishes with greeting cards, chocolates and that special rose and a fountain pen for your favourite teacher? Of course, you do.

Every year on September 5th, we all recall the faint echo of those days that have left a distinctive impression on our souls. And why not? After all, our beloved teachers have played a pivotal role in shaping our lives. Needless to say, Teachers Day has always been a special occasion where students get to shower their mentors and Gurus with love, respect and appreciation.

Let’s bring this tradition to life again this Teacher’s Day again and wish our mentors. Let’s show our appreciation for them with incredible gifts that lighten up their coming days. Here’s an extensive list of items that can be the ideal gift for this occasion:


Teachers always remind us to be on time and that punctuality is the key to leading a successful life. This year, gift an incredibly inclusive watch to remind your teachers that you still value their wisdom. PLAYFIT STRENGTH is the best present product in this regard as it keeps the wearer accountable for their health and punctuality.


PLATFIT SLIM is the perfect gift for teachers. This pioneering innovation exudes modern aesthetic vibes perfectly tailored for sophisticated individuals. With a large round display, unparalleled visual clarity, IPS protection, and smooth sensory touch to fit into the user’s active digital life, PLAYFIT SLIM makes staying healthy infinitely more convenient. The best part, once fully charged, the gadget may operate for up to seven days.

  1. PLAYGO T20

PLAYGO T20 wireless buds are stylish, chic and lightweight. The device comes with a 16-hour battery backup to sustain long journey hours without hiccups. PLAYGO T20’s immaculate style adds to its overall performance. This PLAY product is renowned for providing sound environmental noise reduction that helps the wearer to concentrate.

  1. PLAYGO BH47

Stylish, sophisticated and lightweight headphones, PLAYGO BH47 is the invention of the century. The product has a 30-hour battery life and 40mm drivers. Integrated with Active Noise Cancellation technology, music lovers’ can have a smooth listening experience with utmost accuracy and clarity. The device comes with several high-end audio technologies that ensure an electrifying adventure. Moreover, PLAYGO BH47 is designed meticulously, making it the perfect modern gadget to carry around.