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Things to consider before buying a security camera

Security is imperative for all! Video surveillance systems are more intelligent and effective than ever. With the cameras offering high-tech functions, surveillance has become so feasible and effective. A security camera can either steer clear of the potential threat from crooks or provide sufficient evidence against someone in an investigation. The presence of a security camera often makes would-be burglars, shoplifters, and other offenders think twice about doing their dirty deeds. These cameras have paved their significant denotation to the daily lifestyle with a great pace and have emerged as a most common modern-day security tool and non-distinguishable element in the surveillance system.

People have become more concerned regarding monitoring their homes and keeping them safe, so huge emphasis has been given to the safety measures. With the growing potential risks, security cameras and their accessories market is proliferating and acquiring significant momentum. Characteristically, security cameras are based on a combination of security systems connected to the cloud where the data is saved and can be accessed from anywhere at convenience. Consumers and businesses extensively utilise these types of surveillance cameras to keep an eye on sensitive and vulnerable areas. It is now being implemented in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings as enhanced security is the need of the hour.

Over a decade, the security camera witnessed massive technology disruptions and has developed on multiple fronts. Those features were considered premium, however now they have become obvious standards. Upgrading fairly from traditional security and CCTV cameras (closed-circuit television), now security cameras comprise wireless installation, Wi-Fi-free, cloud storage, motion sensors and high-resolution video quality. There are many innovative security cameras in the market with extensive features and application scenarios and the following pointers should be considered while purchasing.

Robust Storage System and Accessibility

The storage process in security cameras is broadly classified into two categories – Inbuilt storage and Cloud Storage. Research shows that hard drives typically stop functioning after 5 years, even with adequate maintenance. Cloud storage eliminates the need for servers, hard drives, and other related hardware, reducing the overall hardware footprint. Inbuilt storage is in the form of micro-SD card or external hard drive, whereas in cloud storage the data is directly uploaded onto a cloud server

The hardware requirements for cloud-based video monitoring are minimal, and there is little chance that the video will be lost or corrupted. Even if the video surveillance systems get damaged or fail, you can access the footage without any hassles, but in case of inbuilt storage, the hard drive needs to be in a safer zone.

Wider Field of View

Field of view is the observable area a person sees via a camera and the maximum area the security camera can capture. It is crucial to consider while purchasing as the viewing angle determines the camera placement and how much the area will be covered at a time. A security camera should have a wider field of view because it allows seeing the area more without relocating and rotating the device and is good for monitoring larger spaces and an area with more activity. A camera with a narrower field of view captures fewer images but provides more detail because it is closer to the subject and front of the camera lens.

Smart Motion Sensing Recording

Without Motion Sensors, a security camera is restricted to in-front view and proved to be impotent for surveillance purposes. Motion sensor cameras record the video based on sensitivity to movement and provide a better field of view. It uses Artificial Intelligence to identify objects and move accordingly. Those security cameras transmitting live footage send notifications when threatful motion is detected. A motion sensing-based camera can solely monitor the area and reduce the amount of recorded video that requires huge storage space.

Magnificent Video Resolution

The resolution of the recording is a significant concern while purchasing, as blurry recordings don’t serve the purpose. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the footage. For years, security camera capabilities proved impotent due to primitive video camera recording standards, resulting in pixelated video with slow refresh rates. Nowadays, most innovative security cameras have 720p and 1080p HD resolutions. More advanced cameras have 2K or even 4K resolution, which has twice the number of pixels as 1080p HD but a robust internet bandwidth and storage are required.

Infrared Mode/ Night Vision

If the security camera can’t capture vision at night when maximum security is required, then there is no relevance to having the security camera on walls. Infrared light is used by night vision cameras to illuminate objects in the dark. Although we cannot see it, infrared light surrounds us constantly. Infrared cameras detect these invisible infrared wavelengths and provide more colour video detail to identify people and objects of interest in dark areas quickly. Most smart cameras have night vision modes that automatically turn on or off based on available natural light.

This article has been authored by Mr. Bipin Gupta, Product Manager, EZVIZ and the views expressed in this article are his own.