EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 11 scaled EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 11 scaled

EZVIZ C1C-B Indoor Smart Security Camera Review

Security cameras progressed along with technological advancements. The days of installing a security camera system requiring expensive labor and specialized equipment are long gone. For optimal home security, it is critical to invest in the right tools. With these gadgets/accessories, you wouldn’t skimp. Numerous pieces of security equipment are available on the market. You get window sensors, motion detectors, and smart/non-smart cameras for use indoors and outdoors, among other things.

Not everyone would like a standard camera system that requires a DVR and a screen to output when it comes to cameras. This is where a breed of smart security cameras comes into play. And is the perfect time to introduce the EZVIZ C1C-B Indoor Smart Security Camera.

Coming in at a price point of INR 2,620, the EZVIZ C1C-B Indoor Smart Security Camera is a little bit on the pricier side of the spectrum. But on the flip side, this camera is packed to the brim with features. So should you consider this as your next purchase? Let’s find out in our full review.

EZVIZ C1C-B Indoor Smart Security Camera Specifications

  • Video Resolution: Up to 1080p 30fps
  • Video Format: H265,264
  • Audio: Full Duplex-2 Way Communication
  • Storage: Micro-SD Card: up to 256GB
  • Connectivity: 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi (802.11/b/g/n)
  • Software: EZVIZ App available for Android & iOS, OTA updates on the camera
  • Power: 110V – 240V, MicroUSB connector
  • Other Features: Continuous Real-time monitoring, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Car Parking, Person Detection, Still Image, Face Mask Detection

Box Contents

EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 2 scaled

Here’s a complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • Security Camera
  • Power Adapter
  • Cable
  • Mounting plate
  • Screws

Design & Installation

EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 3 scaledWhen it comes to design the C1C-B camera differentiates itself from the competition due to the fact that it’s a static camera. Meaning that, unlike the 360-degree option, this one won’t follow you around or swivel or pan. The camera is available in just a single shade and there is a two-tone finish on it. On the front, you get the camera lens, LED, and mics. The microSD card slot, the reset button, and the speaker grill are placed on the backside.

EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 4 scaledThe camera’s microUSB connector is superior to the barrel connectors that the competition sells at comparable prices. The mounting plate is fastened to the bottom of the camera with screws that are included in the package. Now that this mounting plate has a magnetic component, it is easier to place the unit on the base. While this is a strictly indoor unit, there is no word on the IP rating.

EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 10 scaledMoving on to the installation, this step is simple and quick to do. The cable and all the required screws and fasteners are contained in the package. Simply check that the camera receives a strong Wi-Fi signal or that the ethernet wire you use to connect it to your network is long enough to reach the camera’s back during installation.

The EZVIZ app, which is available for both Android and iOS, is used for pairing and other setup tasks. Once the installation is complete, pairing the camera and configuring the various settings is a reasonably straightforward procedure.

Features & Performance

EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 5 scaledNearly all of the basic functions that you would desire or find on similar products are present in the camera. You receive support for Night Vision, which enables the camera to record during the night. The microSD card is required to save the recordings because the camera doesn’t come with a cloud storage account.

EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 7 scaledSadly there are no IR LEDs for night vision, there is a single-color LED that changes color according to the activity that the camera is performing. The camera can record movies up to 1080p in H264, which uses a lot of data, but you do have the option to switch to H265 within the app. When there is movement in the field of view, the camera will alert you and begin recording using activity detection. During the time of our review, this function performed as intended.

EZVIZ C1C B Indoor Smart Security Camera 9 scaledThe C1C-B is useful for monitoring children or elderly persons. Additionally, the camera features a two-way communication feature that lets you have a conversation. For this, the camera has a tiny speaker tucked away within. Despite the fact that the brand hasn’t indicated its size, we believe it to be a 1W unit.