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The Nifty Tech Gadgets on Our Wishlist in 2022

Ah, technology – where would we be without it? Perhaps the best thing about technology is that it is constantly evolving, and new smart solutions are cropping up almost daily. For those with a gadget itch, there are plenty of shiny new tech to look forward to in 2022.

1. The FingerQ Android smartphone case

Hong Kong company FingerQ has introduced its PrivacQ, a smartphone case for Android phones that offers Android lovers added security in the form of biometric access.

With a FingerQ, users still have to log into their phone with a password or pattern, but the innovative case adds fingerprint scanning as added protection. PrivacQ users will also need to install the matching software on their devices for the case to function as intended.

Apple users have long used biometric data to unlock their phones, and many Android users will be happy to have this functionality as well. Of course, biometrics are not without their flaws, as detailed in ExpressVPN’s summary on the topic. We appreciate the added security as our phones become more integral to our daily routine.

What we love:

  • The FingerQ chat application offers encrypted messaging between FingerQ users.
  • Biometric access for Android users.
  • You can “lock” other apps in your phone via the case.
  • Affordable price point.

What we don’t love as much:

  • The FingerQ case system will not be released for all phones. Only users with a Galaxy S3, S4, or Note 2 are covered, as are HTC One users.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Flip 3

Flip phones are back with a vengeance, except this time they come with all the smartphone capabilities your 90s Motorola couldn’t even dream of. Our pick of the bunch is the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 5G.

It offers a range of innovative features that are sure to please both business and personal users. For example, the ability to split-screen apps will make multitasking on one’s phone a lot easier while the two cameras (12 megapixels for the back and 10 megapixels for the front) have you covered, whether you’re shooting a selfie or an artistic shot.

As to how sturdy this phone is, time will tell. But given its price point of close to $1000, we hope it’s not too delicate.

What we love:

  • Speed, as we’ve come to expect from Samsung phones.
  • Compact and fits in a pocket nicely.
  • Screen is protected if the phone is dropped or rubs up against your keys.
  • It’s a flip phone!

What we don’t love as much:

  • The battery life leaves a bit to be desired.

3. The A500 Mini Gaming System from Retro Games Ltd.

Gaming has really changed since its early days of Sega consoles and Alex the Kid, not to mention the Atari and the Amiga 500. The A500 is a piece of modern technology, designed to bring you back to early gaming.

The retro system emulates the Amiga 500, 600, and 120 and it comes packed with 25 classic gaming options including Pinball Dreams.

The A500 Mini system includes an original style two-button mouse and an eight-button precision gaming pad for precise control over your game.

What we love:

  • It’s giving us firm 80s and early 90s vibes.
  • You can add additional games.
  • Modern tech dressed up as something from the days of yore.
  • 25 games already included.
  • Reasonable price point makes the A500 Mini a great gift.

What we don’t love as much:

  • Oddly enough, there’s no wall socket included for the USB-C power cable.

What else is on your tech gadget wishlist this year?

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