Telegram Rings in the New Year with Battery-Friendly Calls and More

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Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, Telegram has dropped a festive update packed with improvements, headlined by a sleek new calling interface that promises to be gentle on your phone’s battery.

Key Highlights:

  • Redesigned call interface: Simple, dynamic animations and backgrounds adapt to the call status, offering a visually appealing experience while consuming fewer resources.
  • Battery optimization: The new interface is designed to be lighter on your battery, especially beneficial for long calls or older devices.
  • Improved call quality: Telegram claims clearer audio and smoother video call experiences.
  • Vaporize effect: Messages you delete now disappear with a cool animation, adding a touch of fun to digital decluttering.
  • Bot overhaul: The largest bot update in Telegram history empowers bots to respond to messages, manage reactions, and perform tasks across different chats.

telegram featured

Revamped Calls for Longer Chats:

Gone are the days of static call screens draining your battery. Telegram’s redesigned interface introduces dynamic backgrounds that shift from vibrant greens during a ringing call to calming blues during an active conversation. These subtle animations not only enhance the visual experience but also contribute to the update’s battery-saving focus. According to Telegram, the new interface requires fewer resources, translating to longer call times and improved performance on older devices.

A Clearer Connection:

Telegram isn’t stopping at aesthetics. The update boasts improvements to call quality, promising clearer audio and smoother video calls. Whether catching up with family across the globe or collaborating with colleagues remotely, users can expect a more reliable and enjoyable calling experience.

Beyond the Call:

The update extends beyond revamped calls, bringing a playful touch to message deletion with the “vaporize” effect. Messages now disappear with a satisfying animation, adding a fun element to digital housekeeping.

For bot enthusiasts, Telegram unleashes its biggest bot update ever. Bots can now respond to messages, manage reactions and quotes, and even send replies across different chats or topics. This expanded functionality opens up exciting possibilities for automation, personalized experiences, and streamlined workflows.

A Toast to Progress:

Telegram’s latest update demonstrates its commitment to innovation and user experience. With a focus on battery-friendly calls, clearer connections, and playful features, the platform continues to solidify its position as a versatile and user-centric messaging app. Whether you’re a casual chatterer or a power user, Telegram’s New Year’s update offers something to ring about.


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