Suicide Squad Game Offline Day One Due to Unexpected Completion Bug

Suicide Squad

In an unforeseen setback, Rocksteady Studios’ highly anticipated game “Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League” was forced offline just hours after its launch. This unexpected event left many players, particularly those who had early access through the Deluxe Edition, unable to experience the game as intended.

  • Early Access Bug: A peculiar bug caused story missions to complete automatically upon players’ first login.
  • Deluxe Edition Disappointment: Players who paid extra for early access were met with the game’s unavailability due to the bug.
  • Rapid Response: Rocksteady Studios identified and started resolving the issue within hours.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: After a short offline period for maintenance, the game was made available again for Deluxe Edition players.
  • Anticipated Release: The standard edition of the game is set to release on February 2, 2024, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Suicide Squad

The Launch Day Dilemma

“Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League,” a live-service multiplayer shooter set in the Batman: Arkham universe, experienced a major hiccup shortly after its early access launch. Players who purchased the Deluxe Edition for early access discovered a “story completion bug,” which automatically completed their game upon the first login. This unexpected issue led Rocksteady Studios to take the always-online game offline for several hours to address the problem.

Rapid Turnaround and Player Reactions

Rocksteady Studios acted swiftly, identifying the cause of the bug and implementing a fix within the same day. The game was brought back online for Deluxe Edition players following scheduled maintenance. Despite the quick resolution, this issue highlights the challenges and risks associated with live-service and always-online games, particularly during launch periods.

Looking Forward

As “Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League” prepares for its standard edition release on February 2, 2024, the gaming community remains hopeful that the initial setback will not overshadow the game’s long-term success. Rocksteady’s proactive response and quick fix have mitigated some of the potential fallout, but the event serves as a reminder of the complexities inherent in modern game launches.


“Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League” faced an unexpected challenge on its launch day with a bug that completed the game for players upon their first login. This issue led to the game being temporarily taken offline. However, Rocksteady Studios quickly addressed the problem, bringing the game back online for Deluxe Edition players. As the standard edition release approaches, the gaming community looks forward to experiencing the game without further issues.



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