Stuffcool Quad Pro Stuffcool Quad Pro

Stuffcool Launches Quad Pro, metallic rugged 4 in 1 cable

Stuffcool, India’s leading tech accessory brand has launched its latest innovation – the Quad Pro, a 4 in 1 cable made with Zinc Alloy metal connectors and a nylon braided flat cable. The Cable is 1.5m in length and can transmit upto 60W of power. The Quad pro features lightning, type C and type A connectors and is compatible with charging many devices across the spectrum. The Quad Pro is a sync and charge cable.

The Quad Pro has 4 charging modes: Lightning to Type C, Type C to C, Lightning to Type A and Type C to A. Using the Lightning to Type C charging mode, the Quad Pro can fast charge any iPhone 50% in 30 mins using a suitable type C wall charger. The Quad Pro works with other Lightning enabled iOS devices as well like the iPad and Airpods. The Type C to C charging mode supports upto 60W of power transmission and hence is suitable to work with Macbooks, Type C laptops, ultra books, flagship Samsungs, Pixels, iPad Pro. You can charge upto the 13” Macbook Pro with this Quad Pro Cable. The Lightning to Type A charging mode can be used for older iPhones or CarPlay. The Type C to A charging mode can be used for personal devices such as Audio buds, speakers etc.

The most unique part of the Quad Pro is the sturdy and heavy Zinc Alloy Metal connectors housing each connector. The connectors are strong and can be switched around with its unique and smooth rail mechanism. Lifting the top connector to use the bottom connector is super smooth and there is a satisfying click when the connector connects back on top. The cable itself is a flat nylon braided cable which is flexible but durable. The whole setup makes the Quad Pro one of the strongest cables in the country.