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realme Announces Global Launch of realme GT3: Unleashing the World’s Fastest Charging Power 240W

realme, the most trusted technology brand, launched the realme GT3 – its next-generation speed flagship with the world’s fastest charging power: 240W globally at Mobile World Congress 2023. realme will be the first brand in the industry to mass produce the 240W fast charging technology.

Starting the first generation, the realme GT Series has represented realme’s most cutting-edge technology innovations, from the mind-blowing suitcase design on the GT Master Series to the true premium flagship realme GT2 Pro Series, and now the speed limit breaker – realme GT3.

Since its inception, the realme GT Series has been at the forefront of realme’s technological advancements, introducing groundbreaking features such as the stunning suitcase design in the GT Master Series and the true flagship series, realme GT2 Pro Series. Continuing this legacy of pushing boundaries, the latest addition to the lineup, realme GT3, is set to break speed limits and set new benchmarks in the industry.

On the announcement, Madhav Sheth, CEO realme India, VP, realme, and President, realme International Business Group, said, “realme was founded with the purpose of empowering the youth through leap-forward technology and design. With this Dare to Leap spirit, realme is entering its fifth year in the industry and aims to set new industry standards. With realme GT3, realme is raising the bar for fast, efficient, and safe charging for smartphones. With its powerful features and stunning design, we believe that the realme GT3 will set a new benchmark in the smartphone industry and deliver an exceptional experience to our users. It shows realme’s dedication to enhancing our market position through cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough innovations for the youth.”

240W: World’s Highest Charging Standard

With a ground-breaking 240W, the realme GT3 offers not only the fastest charging power ever, but it will also be the fastest charging power for years to come, as it has reached the maximum charging power possible under USB-C standards. In terms of user experience, 240W is the ultimate answer to battery anxiety. It accelerates smartphone charging to minutes and even seconds. Using 240W charging power, it only takes 80 seconds to charge the realme GT3 to 20% capacity. It only takes 9 minutes and 30 seconds to fully charge the device’s 4600mAh battery.

Full-fledged Battery and Charging Innovation

As the first brand in the industry to mass produce 240W fast charging, realme has achieved a full-fledged innovation in everything from charging safety to battery longevity and to accessory compatibility.

  • Three Industries’ First Charging Technologies: Starting with the charging architecture, the realme GT3 has three maxed-out charging chipsets to charge at the same time, resulting in a 98.5% improved transfer efficiency during charging. In addition, the realme GT3 comes with a custom 12A charging cable. The ultra-fast 12A cable provides the industry’s highest charging current. Furthermore, realme provides dual GaN charging technology, which includes an end-to-end GaN chipset in both the phone and the adapter. As a result, despite having 60% more power available, the 240W adaptor is even smaller than the 150W adaptor.
  • Maximized Charging Safety: One of the most difficult challenges for high-power charging is temperature control. The realme GT3 is equipped with a 6580mm2-large VC liquid cooling system that covers 61.5% of the battery and ensures efficient heat dissipation. To ensure maximum charging safety, the realme GT3 also includes a PS3 fireproof design, 13 temperature sensors, and 60 layers of safety protection. TÜV Rheinland has also certified the realme GT3 for a safe fast-charging system, making it the first product with 200W fast charging or higher to receive the certification.
  • Worry-free Battery Longevity: According to internal lab testing, the realme GT3 has an 80% lifespan after over 1600 charging cycles with 240W enabled, which is more than double the industry standard of 80% battery health after 800 charging cycles. GT3 also uses intelligent charging, which detects the user’s status and switches the charging status to travel mode, sleep mode, or in-car mode. Not only can the phone be powered on intelligently, but it also helps to preserve battery health and avoid overcharging.

Pulse Interface Design: Re-imagine Smartphone Interaction

Aside from the incredible 240W, the realme GT3 pushes smartphone design to new heights. The realme GT3 has a translucent window next to the camera module. Users will find a polished chipset deco, an NFC chipset, and the innovative Pulse Interface System with a C-shaped RGB lighting ring inside.

Taking inspiration from gaming handsets, realme GT3’s Pulse Interface Design displays different light effects depending on the phone’s status. For example, when the phone is 20% charged, it will display a red breathing light effect; when it is charged to 21% – 100%, it will display a purple breathing light effect; and when it is fully charged, the purple light will always be on. When there are incoming calls, the light flashes quickly. While receiving notifications, the lighting system will display a white color; for a 10-second countdown before taking photos, the phone will display a blue, white, and orange color beaming.

The Pulse Interface System is highly personalizable, adding a fun and interactive element to the phone. Go to settings > wallpaper & design > breathing light, users can choose from 25 color shades, 2 rhythm types, and 5 lighting speed modes for a personalized style.

From Populariser to An Industry Leader

realme is well-known for making cutting-edge technology available to young consumers. Fast charging technology is no different. With the realme X7, realme is the first brand to introduce 65W to the mid-range price point in 2020. With its GT Neo3, realme released the world’s fastest charging speed of 150W in 2022. And now, with realme GT3, realme is setting new standards with an industry-leading maximum charging power of 240W.  From being a democratizer and trendsetter, realme has now evolved to become an industry limit-breaker.

Aside from constantly seeking technological advances, realme is also democratizing fast charging at all price points. Counterpoint ranks first in fast charging penetration for product portfolios in the mid-to-high price range ($250-$399). realme also achieved a fast charging penetration rate of up to 85% in product portfolios under $250. realme intends to democratize fast charging even further by announcing during its global launch that 90% of its global product portfolio will include fast charging of 33W or higher.

The realme GT3 comes in a wide selection of storage variants to choose from, including 8+128GB, 12+256GB, 16+256GB, 16+512GB, and a special 16+1TB variant; Available in two color options,  Pulse White and Booster Black, the global recommended retail price for realme GT3 will start from $649.