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Spotify Unveils Audiobook Streaming for US Premium Users

Spotify, the popular audio streaming platform, has expanded its services by offering a new perk for its US Premium subscribers: free access to an extensive audiobook library. With audiobook popularity on the rise, Spotify’s new feature could be a game-changer for avid readers and listeners alike.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 200,000 audiobooks are now accessible to Spotify Premium subscribers in the US.
  • Users can enjoy up to 15 hours of free audiobook listening every month.
  • A considerable portion of the audiobook catalog consists of bestselling titles.
  • Once the free monthly limit is reached, additional listening hours can be purchased.
  • This perk is currently exclusive to plan managers of Family and Duo accounts, excluding Student plan subscribers.


A New Chapter for Listeners Spotify’s venture into audiobooks signifies a significant step in diversifying its content offerings. Available since October 4 in the UK and Australia, the audiobook service is now live for US Premium subscribers. This addition enhances Spotify’s already robust selection of music and podcasts, positioning it as a comprehensive audio entertainment hub.

Spotify’s audiobook service is expected to evolve, potentially adding more titles and flexible listening options in the future, as the company gauges user engagement and feedback. This update could mark the beginning of a richer, more varied listening journey for Spotify’s users, bridging the gap between music, podcasts, and now, literary works.

The Audiobook Collection Spotify’s audiobook catalog boasts over 200,000 titles, featuring a wealth of genres to cater to various listener preferences. Approximately 70% of the collection includes popular and bestselling works, ensuring that subscribers have access to sought-after content.

The Listening Experience Premium users are granted 15 hours of free audiobook content monthly, which roughly equates to two average-length audiobooks. Should users exhaust their free hours, Spotify offers an additional 10-hour listening package for $12.99. However, this benefit is not available to subscribers on the Student plan and is limited to plan managers on Family and Duo accounts.

Finding Audiobooks on Spotify Discovering audiobooks on Spotify is straightforward. Users can locate audiobooks in their library section, through search, and via curated recommendations on the Home screen. This seamless integration ensures that users can easily switch between music, podcasts, and now, audiobooks, for a diverse listening experience.

Spotify’s introduction of free audiobook streaming is a strategic move to enrich its content ecosystem and provide additional value to its Premium subscribers. With a vast selection of titles and user-friendly access, Spotify is set to become a significant player in the audiobook market.