Spotify Gears Up to Launch $20-a-month Supremium Tier: Here’s What We Know

Spotify, the global music streaming giant, is reportedly on the brink of unveiling a new tier for its users, dubbed “Supremium”. This move is expected to provide listeners with an enhanced musical experience, but at a premium price.

Key Highlights:

  • Spotify’s ‘Supremium’ tier rumored to be priced at $20 per month.
  • The new tier promises higher-quality music, advanced playlist mixing tools, and access to audiobooks.
  • Chris Messina, renowned for inventing the hashtag, hinted at the new service’s logo and features.
  • ‘Supremium’ to offer 24-bit lossless audio, also referred to as high fidelity or HiFi.
  • Subscribers might get the privilege of sorting their library by mood, activity, and genre.

A Deep Dive into Supremium:

Spotify’s potential new offering, the ‘Supremium’ tier, is anticipated to be a game-changer in the music streaming industry. This tier is not just about music; it’s about an elevated auditory experience. According to sources, subscribers will be treated to a “sound capsule” personalized for each user, ensuring a unique listening journey.

Lossless Audio: The New Standard?

Lossless audio, often termed as the purest form of audio, is set to be a cornerstone of the ‘Supremium’ tier. This format offers a higher quality than the standard songs streamed on platforms like Spotify. The reason being, most platforms compress files to save on data usage, which can compromise audio quality. With ‘Supremium’, Spotify aims to deliver this unparalleled audio quality to its users.

The Competitive Landscape:

Interestingly, Spotify’s move towards introducing HiFi audio isn’t new. The company had plans to launch this feature back in February 2021. However, the rollout was reportedly delayed when competitors like Apple Music and Amazon Music began offering similar services without additional charges. While Spotify’s premium tier is priced at $9.99, Apple and Amazon have slightly raised their standard tier prices to $10.99.

The Bigger Picture:

Earlier this year, there were murmurs about Spotify’s intention to introduce a pricier tier. This decision was seen as a strategy to boost revenue and appease investors advocating for a price hike. Despite surpassing expectations in terms of monthly active users and subscribers, Spotify’s Q2 revenues reportedly fell short of estimates. The company’s ambitious plans to amass 1 billion users by 2030 and achieve an annual revenue of $100 billion have seen rapid growth. However, their expansive foray into podcasts and audiobooks has impacted profit margins.


Spotify’s ‘Supremium’ tier, priced at an expected $20 per month, is the company’s answer to the growing demand for superior audio quality and enhanced features. With offerings like personalized sound capsules, 24-bit lossless audio, and a vast audiobook library, Spotify aims to redefine the music streaming experience. As the industry waits with bated breath for the official rollout, one thing is clear: the music streaming wars are heating up, and Spotify is gearing up for battle.