Splatoon 3’s Side Order Expansion: A New Adventure Awaits on February 22nd

Splatoon 3 Side Order Launching on February 22

Splatoon 3 is set to expand its universe with the much-anticipated launch of the Side Order DLC on February 22, 2024. This addition marks a significant moment for the popular Nintendo Switch game, offering a fresh, single-player campaign.

Key Highlights

  • Launch Date: Set for February 22, 2024.
  • Content: A new single-player campaign featuring a unique storyline.
  • Setting: The DLC unfolds in a color-drained version of Inkopolis Square.
  • Gameplay: Players will explore the Spire of Order with new challenges on each floor.
  • Characters: Agent 8 is the protagonist, accompanied by a drone claiming to be Pearl from Off the Hook.
  • Replayability: The DLC is designed for multiple playthroughs with various skill-building opportunities.

Splatoon 3 Side Order Launching on February 22

Splatoon 3, since its launch, has captivated players with its vibrant world and engaging gameplay. The Side Order expansion is the second wave of the game’s Expansion Pass and is expected to bring a fresh twist to the Splatoon universe.

A New Chapter in Inkopolis

The Side Order DLC is a significant addition to Splatoon 3, offering an immersive single-player experience. Set in a strange, colorless version of Inkopolis Square, the expansion introduces a new storyline where players take on the role of Agent 8. Waking up to a world devoid of color, Agent 8 is tasked with unraveling the mysteries of the ominous Spire of Order.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay in Side Order incorporates roguelike elements, with players battling through floors of challenges in the Spire. Each level presents unique obstacles and enemies, requiring strategic thinking and skill enhancement. Players can use color chips to boost their abilities, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

Pearl, a character from the Splatoon series, assists Agent 8 in this journey, though her exact role in the game is yet to be fully revealed. This collaborative aspect adds depth to the narrative and gameplay.

Visual and Aesthetic Shifts

The Side Order DLC distinguishes itself with a darker, more mysterious aesthetic, contrasting the vibrant colors typically associated with Splatoon. This shift not only adds a fresh visual appeal but also sets the tone for the more serious and enigmatic storyline of the expansion.

For the Solo Gamer

While Splatoon 3 is known for its multiplayer battles, the Side Order DLC caters to solo gamers seeking a narrative-driven experience. This standalone game mode offers a unique gameplay style, independent of the multiplayer aspects, thus broadening the game’s appeal to a wider audience.

Replay Value and Expectations

One of the most exciting aspects of the Side Order DLC is its replayability. Designed for multiple playthroughs, the game allows players to experiment with different strategies and skill combinations. This feature promises to keep the game fresh and engaging for both new and returning players.

The launch of Side Order is a testament to Nintendo’s commitment to providing long-term value and new experiences to its players. With a darker and spookier aesthetic, the DLC offers a contrast to the main game’s vibrant multiplayer action, appealing to solo gamers and those seeking a deeper narrative experience.

Splatoon 3’s Side Order DLC is set to launch on February 22, 2024, offering a new single-player campaign in a unique setting. The expansion includes roguelike elements, a compelling storyline, and is designed for replayability. Fans of the franchise and new players alike have much to look forward to with this latest addition.

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