To celebrate its 11th Anniversary, SpiceJet has announced a three-day sale on its flight ticket. As reported on the SpiceJet official website the sale will start at midnight today and will go on until 19th May. So to increase the traction the Company is giving the ticket at the lowest price possible. Tickets for domestic flight will be available for Rs 511 between the period of 15th June to 30th September 2016.

For passenger travelling to Bangkok, Colombo, Dubai and Muscat the international flight tickets will be available at a starting price of 2,111. But the offer for flight tickets for international flight is limited from June 1 to June 20.

According to the Company’s website, the ticket will be available for booking on the SpiceJet website, the iOS and the Android mobile app. If one has the problem of booking the tickets online, SpiceJet also gives you the offer of booking it through travel agents or on other booking portals.

SpiceJet does not only limit its offer till here, for passengers who have booked their ticket through the SpiceJet mobile app it promises to give a 50% discount on meals. In addition to this, it is also providing SpiceMax seats costing Rs 799 and will give a passenger extra legroom, a complimentary drink and meal. SpiceJet does not limit its offer till here only it has given an option to the consumer that the tickets are refundable in case of cancellation.

But the SpiceJet three-day discount has a catch the tickets are only available for one way that means for the return flight no discount will be available. Along with that, the company offer will work on first come first serve basis.