Sony is reintroducing its Walkman, offering a much more enhanced and improved experience of listening to music for the music lovers.

Sony announced that it will launch the ZX2 Walkman soon. The company claims that the new Walkman will offer listeners an altogether new experience of super-high resolution music. The company said that the audio from the device will be an enriched, life-like experience, much superior to what the currently available CD, MP3 and streaming media files provide.

Sony has incorporated a new audio technology in its Walkman, which will reproduce master quality recordings in the way as is originally intended by the artists. Its sound quality would be superior to the regular streaming media files because they are available in typically compressed forms to fit smaller, downloadable packages. However, the company claims that the new device is capable of even producing better audio from these low-resolution files as well.

Despite Sony’s claims of superiority of the device, technology experts are a bit skeptical of the facts. One major contribution to their scorn is that the company has fitted the Jelly Bean version of the Android OS in the product. The version, introduced in 2013, is two steps behind the latest one, which most new Android devices run on.

On the more positive part, the Walkman holds a huge storage space of 128GB and even if it needs to fit in high-resolution files, it could hold around 2,000 songs. It also features a micro SC card slot to expand storage. Apart from this, the Walkman will be Wi-Fi enabled and will provide a battery life of 60 hours.

To rate the Walkman, experts comment that it could be an ideal product for music fanatics because it comes a hefty price of $1,119.99. At this price, it is not even comparable to the other available options in the market.