Sony launched a new pair of its MDR-EX31BN series earphones, supporting Bluetooth, in India for a price of Rs. 5,490.

Sony’s MDR-EX31BN Bluetooth earphones have hit the Indian market for a launch price of Rs. 5490. The earphone pairs are offered in two color choices, viz. black and red. Sony is also offering a rechargeable battery with the earphones. The battery can be charged using a micro-USB cable that comes with the earphones.

Sony claims that the earphones have the potential to last for as long as 10.5 hours on playback on a single charge. Special design features include an integrated microphone for answering voice calls, along with a dedicated push button to receive or reject incoming calls. The earphones also deploy a digital noise cancellation technology. They also feature a Bluetooth receiver or connector.

Other attractions to the earphones include the peripheral with NFC support. It provides users the opportunity to sync to a wireless Bluetooth receiver, which must be equipped with one-touch connectivity, using the NFC. The audio features a 13.5 mm sound driver which is capable of providing excellent noise cancellation, while outputting clear speech.

The new pair of earphones comes shortly after Sony’s previous product, the MDR-XB950BT. Launched almost six months back, the previous pair of earphones cost more than twice the price of this one. Sony’s previous earphones came at a hefty price of Rs. 12,990. However, this one is an on-ear accessory. In addition to offering Bluetooth and NFC support, it also offers a rechargeable battery. According to tests, a four-hour charge to these batteries is capable enough of delivering almost 20 hours of usage.

Sony has given a lot of emphasis on the electronic bass boost with the 40mm drivers. It has a frequency of up to 28000 Hz. It can be purchased from Sony’s outlets or other electronic stores across the country. It is also available for distribution via online retail stores.