XS 163ES XS 163ES

Sony India launches premium Mobile ES™ amplifiers, offering an exceptional car audio experience

Sony India today announced the newest additions to its premium Mobile ES car amplifier line-up, XM-5ES, XM-4ES, and XM-1ES. With high-quality sound and seamless usability, Sony’s latest car audio offerings deliver a superior entertainment experience. 

Mobile ES Line-up Overview

  1. XM-5ES: Mobile ES 5-channel Power Amplifier
  2. XM-4ES: Mobile ES 4-channel Power Amplifier
  3. XM-1ES: Mobile ES Mono Power Amplifier

Here are the key product highlights:

  • High-resolution Audio compatible (XM-5ES/XM-4ES only) to enjoy studio-quality sound
  • With a variety of speaker configurations, the ES series boosts in-car music with its high-power output
  • Sony Mobile ES series brings many years of Sony’s digital amplifier engineering expertise
  • The Mobile ES series uses premium components to deliver superior sound
  • Introducing high-quality speaker terminal with Hex-key screws
  • Experience sturdy build with an aluminium frame and solid bottom plate
  • Controls are easy to understand and use and allow for intuitive operation
  • Get full stereo frequency range with single summing combining pre-filtered audio signals
  • Seamless installation for pass through and combining channels in either stereo or mono modes

Price and Availability:

The new line-up will be available at select premium car dealers across India.

Model Best Buy (in INR) Availability Date
XS-1ES 45,990/- 6th July,2022 onwards
XM-4ES 45,990/- 6th July,2022 onwards
XM-5ES 75,990/- August 2022 onwards