Sony fixes the web traffic issue on PlayStation Network

Sony’s PlayStation Network has been partially restored four days after the Christmas attack. The security breach is seen as having a potential link to the previous attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony said that it had fixed the web traffic issue that the PlayStation Network has been creating since Christmas.

The issue is still to be completely resolved even after four days of struggle. Sony has worked to bring back the PlayStation Network online again after the unfavorable turn of events that the company has been facing since Christmas.

Reportedly, a group of hackers, who name themselves “Lizard Squad,” had taken the responsibility for hacking the system. The hackers had tweeted a week before Christmas about their plans to disrupt various gaming services, including Sony’s PlayStation.

Sony’s Vice President, Catherine Jensen, addressed the issue on a blog post on Saturday and acknowledged disruption of services. The blog explained that the hackers had created a huge artificial traffic on the web so as to hinder customers from playing on Christmas.

The company has now resolved the issue and has cleared much of the artificial traffic. However, the problem has not yet been completely resolved, and the network may still cause troubles to players, the company said.

The company has been subjected to many high-profile security attacks. Similar attacks were made on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November. However, it is unclear if the two incidents are linked. According to investigations carried on by the FBI, the previous attack had originated in North Korea.

The FBI claimed that the attackers were disturbed by Sony’s comedy movie, “The Interview,” because it dealt with the subject of the assassination of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

What links the two events is Lizard Squad’s August warning that was posted on social networking media, Twitter. The group of hackers had not only warned about the disruption of services to PlayStation but had also tweeted about a potential bomb scare on American Airlines. The plane was hosting a Sony Online Entertainment executive.

Apart from Sony’s PlayStation, Lizard Squad also caused similar problems to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service on Thursday. Microsoft had resolved the problem the very next day of Christmas, but it too is continuing to face problems.

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